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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Dear Friends,

wellheyza there

today i ran crosscountry
it shwaz fun!
i saw my old teacher Mr. Robinson there!
and then the grade 9 girls wone and award at my school which was awsome cuz only 11 grade9 gilrs participated and well we had the best adverage out of like 200 kids! it was awsome!!

i place d like 38th because i went with Idyosyncrasy
and she sprained her ankle and well i would fell really bad if i went on wiht out her and she like colapses half way through the race!

but yeah it was pretty good!
lol she made this comment on how she was like a car that was really fast but had crappy gas milage
(cuz she is really fast when she sprints)
and how i was liek a truck
cuz i can't run fast but i can' run far
LMAO! is wat i say to that!

but yeah it shwaz fun! and i gotz a lolli POp for participatin!

it was yummy
but yeah humm
other than that......
oh here is my actual banner
it's really immature but hey i could care less!
hehe she should die!
oh btw i was really pissed off when i colored it lol
i'm not insane okat=y!^^;;

well yeahz.........
i watched the clod song all day today in design studies! LMAO!
"and when i go into an in. 15 seconds...it's day again"
soo funny
well yeah....
other than that nothign happened
and at the moment i am extreamly bored!
soo yeahz

well me ish off to visit your sites
fare thee well!
*bows then leaves*


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Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Dear Friends,

well this is gonaa be a short post and well sorry but i can't post up my banner today which sux!
i'm really busy right now
so i'm not sire if i shall be able to make it to your guyses sites or not
i am soo sorry

lol you guys have to see it may be i will post it some time lol same wiht the egg song! well yeahz.......


oh me want a chicken as a pet!
well yeah i have to go now
Talk to you all


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Monday, October 3, 2005


Dear Friends,

lolw ell yeah you guys i have made this new club!
lol me ish soo happy!

and well here it is !

so yeah this is just teh basic banner and well lol my real banner which i shall post tommorw has Scribbles all over flay!
it is fun!
yes yes it is!
lol so yeah PM me or Fried Chocobo to join okay!
lol it was fun!

well yeah humm
today lo oh i was taking to my friends about FF:advent children!
lol i'm so happy this guy si lending it to me on wednseday!
and well yeah....
other than that nothing much hapened though i do ihave THE EGG SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD!

donot judge me for my fun!

LMAO well humm yeah

i have no home work which is a yayz for today! and i'm almost done making my shirt!
which ince again makes me happy!

well humm yeah i shlal go now to your sites!

lol have a great day!

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Sunday, October 2, 2005


Dear Friends,

lmao kk ie's like 11:44
and i am blowing bubbles!
how dorky is that
it soo fun they are the one that don't pop!
yeah so i have benn sticking them to posters and stuff
tis fun!
LOl kk this post started at 11:44
then i went to sleep and now it is 7:18!

well yeah yesterday i got the fricken coolest pants ever!

they is pajama pants but they have glow in the dark skulls all over them!
they kick asss!
i love them!

yeah humm
i hung out with my mom yesterday which was fun!
i haven't spent time just me and her in like 2 years if i remembber correctly which i probably don't cuz my memory is shot!

well humm i'm watching hamtaro at the moment and loving it
actuall no i am not

last night i saw Surface lol it shwaz funnny!
lol the i watched
Criminal Minds lol
it was funny too!
so was CSI:miami!

well here to answer questions that were brought up in coments on my post yesterday
ELK is not showing up because he is in the .Hack games and technically he is the same person as Tsukasa
so yeah......

well humm me is kinda bored at the moment!
cuz there is nothign to do!
OH i'll blow more bubles after all i have the mix stuff!

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Saturday, October 1, 2005


Dear Friends,

well yeah
here i am and it is 7 am
me ish tried!
oh last night i found the coolest radio station ever!

tehy play rock and punk and alternative in the morning
ang techno at night!

well yeahs
i am obsessed with .HACK//SIGN
at the moment!
i love it!
i find it kinda weird cuz alot of peoplle i know are obsessed with NARUTO lol
i have nothign agaisnts it i love it

well yeahz TUSKASA KICKS ASS!!
lol i don't like subaru
i don't know why but i don't

wel so my next site change will be .HACK//SIGN kk

and umm here is the rest of my story thngy

>>>>>Chapter 3
The sun had rudely awakened Violet. It spread across her face. When she hid from it under the covers it would seem brighter than ever. She had spread herself across her too small of a bed and her knees ached from being curled up, so they would not have to hang over the edge. Violet had kept her room the same since she was a little girl. Pink all over. Pink walls, pink sheet, curtains and anything else that you could think of, it was all pink.
She raised herself out of bed, tired and yet well rested. She yawned. Running her fingers through her fading green hair Violet opened her window and decided that she would get changed. Her makeup smeared across her pale skin. She looked as if she had gotten in to a fight and walked away with a black eye. The sparkles of her Purple eye shadow made her look as if she was an actress in a fantasy movie. All full with glitter so that the audience could be captivated by her performance. She grabbed some dirty clothes off the floor -she wasn’t sure if they were actually dirty or if she had just thrown them on the floor one day with out thinking.- and put them on. Violet rubbed her eyes. The glitter fell off in to her hands and Violet wiped it on her pants. Her stomach grumbled.
Violet headed down the stairs and made a stop in the kitchen grabbing some ice cream and a spoon before she went in to the living room. She plopped herself down on the couch and flipped on the TV
“Do you not think that a breakfast should be much better than a simple tub of ice cream?”
Violet jumped then held her breath.
Sorry I did not mean to scare you, you offered me a place to sleep and so I though that this offer would extend the rest of the night. Please forgive me for my intrusion.”
Violet exhaled. She was thankful that it wasn’t Dan. “ it is fine Nevinan but one thing. How did you get in here?”
“ Your mother let me in and for that I am grateful.”
Violet rolled her eyes. Did her mother not understand that you couldn’t just let people in the house at random hours of the day? Or was she just to drunk to think it through? Though violet was somewhat happy that Nevinan had spent the night.
“I would like to thank you again my dear Vile for taking care of me last night.”
She hid her face because at the moment she was not sure if she was blushing or not. After all someone had never called her dear before. “No problem it was the least I could do after all you saved my life, from those things…what were those things anyways?”
Nevinan sat down on the couch beside her. “Those my Vile were the enemy. For as long as I have lived my people and those “things” have been at war. Though I know not why. They cornered me last night and I escaped in the nick of time. I saw you sleeping on the hill and I though it best that we hide. For I fear that if they found either of us they would have killed us.”
“Wow I have heard of having you life in danger in a situation like that but I never though that it could happen to me.” Suddenly violet felt scared and even more grateful that Nevinan had spent the night. She dug her spoon in to the tub of the green Mint chocolate chip ice cream, put the spoon in her mouth then flipped the channel to MTV.

well yeahz
have a great week end
lol i have to go to the dentist again!
i get my mouthgard!


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Friday, September 30, 2005


Dear Friends,

wel i was suppose to go n river watch today but i didn't cuz i chose not to!
instead i get to go next week yayz!
today was boring except for the board thingy i had to do!
this guy fred
cut out this broom stick
and i said it looked weird and he was like stop being so perverted!
it did look weird though lol
and i wasn't thingink of it that way!
then he cut is and it looked really weird again and i told him and he was like your sick!
lol then my teacher even dissed it

i had art and i didn't stabb myself!

well yeahz
it was funny
then i just hung out with my friedns and humm yeahz!
oh i found a boot on the street!
i wante dit for a hat!
oh i also licked my shoe! and i smet it it smelt funny!

well yeah me ish weird
but humm yeah,,,,,,,
other than that ut was boring
oh but i got to play with the hand bellz!
yeah i knew that me ish a nerd!

but waterever!

well i must eat a chocolate muffin and visit your sites

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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hummm
me ish
really bored right now!
so i am posting lol well i have math home work to do and yeah....
oh tommorw i am suppose to go on this river watch trip and well i get to go next wekk!
YAYZ me ish happy cuz i get to go with all of my friends!
so i am happy!
i hate all of my teachers!
they piss me off except for like 3( mr. hart, Mrs.Godly( she is having a baby! gwee) and Mr Marchuck)
but yeah other than that i hate all of my teachers! garg!
but yeah.....
humm lol
oh today i made up a Triangle dace!
it was fun!
it's soo easy too!
then i dances and wel yeha
sorry i just had to say that lol
my friend has me addicted to saying that
and well yeha that is about it lol

thanx for commenting on my post yesterday you guys ♥


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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hello
i am talking to you through the power that is DESIGN STUDIES!!!!
*cheers and claps*
well nothign is happening really i'm very bored!
and there is nothign to do except for go on here
hey this is my first post from school!
lolt hat is really sad!
well yeha
im happy cuz i have reached
400 hits!
i know that it isn't much but it is alot to me!
well yeahz
so humm
is anythign new going on with you guyz?
yes blat i want to be a faerie today btu i don't think that
SummerBaby10 brought her special fantastic wings!
well hum school is over for now and nothign happened though i did finnd out some pretty desturbing stuff like my friend ( who shall remaine name less
is sending letters like as in snail mail to a guy that we met over the internet
but yeah i guess it'sokay cuz like she is using a PObox so yeah lol
but neways
i have read this book called the Dark Benath and it is about this girl Imogen (collest name ever)
and well yeah she has a stalker and he is theis albino kid named Anthony it's kinda creepy he follows her and calles her his everything his universe lol
but yeah it is is all good bokk all in all
wel i am off to vist your sites and play on the comp


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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Can A Heart Stll Break Once It Has Stoped Beating?

Dear Friends,

well hi therez
me is in pain!
i ran fricken 15 laps around the school today
and now i an sore!
it hurts to kneel down!
oh well
well yeah humm
nothign happened today
it was quite boring lol
ME WAS A FAERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SummerBaby10 brought thse wings
( i have to say they were prettyful!) and she brought this wand
( it was sparkley!)
then i put them on and ran aroudn the feild!
it was soo much fun! lol i looked like and idiot but i didn't care!
so yeah........
i am workin on the rest of my story so i must go
but first i shall visit your sites!



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Monday, September 26, 2005


Dear Friends,

well hey there sorry about al the post yesterday lol
my comp is acting up!
but yeah the corpse bride was awsome i loved it!
it was soo funnyful!
wel yeah i recommend it i loved it
cuz well it kicked teh ass!

well yeahz here is the next bit to my story!

i hope you like it !

Violet swung open the door to her house, looking in to the living room to see if Dan was there waiting for her. She flipped off her shoes and pointed to the kitchen “you can go in there and find something to eat, or you can stay right where you are stay right where you are I’ll be back in a minute.”
Violet ran up the stairs while her guest made his way into the kitchen.
He looked through the cupboard and found a jar of honey, then moved to the fridge and grabbed an apple. He made his way to the tablet and sat down. Dipping the whole apple in the honey then taking bite after bite of the sweet snack.
“That is really gross you know.” Violet commented as she leaned against the doorway to the kitchen. Bandages and peroxide in hand.
He only smiled a somewhat twisted smile back.
Violet made her way to the kitchen table but first grabbed a jar of peanut butter and a spoon.
“Here this should be enough to cover up that cut of yours.” Violet passed the bandages and the across the table.
“If you wouldn’t mind, could you help me get my armour off, I would appreciate it if you did.”
Violet stood up and walked over towards him. “First you pretty much gag me then you tell me to shut the hell up, then you ask for help getting armour off, if you were a girl I swear that you were PMSing, but since your not then I’ll just have to say that you are really moody!”
He laughed.
It took violet a while to figure out how to undo the leather clasps, but once she got the hang of it, it was somewhat easy. Plopping the leather top onto the ground violet could see that the cut wasn’t a small one. It stretched from the bottom of his armpit down to his ribs. Blood spilled out onto the floor and pooled
“What the hell happened? Shit this isn’t gonna be enough to clean it up.”
“It was the things we were hiding from. Don’t worry it will.” he smiled.
“Fine if you say so…” violet said and began to work on the wound. “This may hurt a bit. Okay.” Violet took the rubbing alcohol and put it on a cotton ball then dabbed it up and down the wound.
He winced.
“I’m sorry,” Violet found it hard not to laugh at him. After all he made it with this would and didn’t show many signs of pain and yet he did to this tiny sting. “I told you that it would hurt.” She eventually, smiled.
As well did he.
“So I believe that you should at least give me your name. I’m Violet, Vi, Vile. Anyone will do.
“Heh I like vile personally. Fine I shall tell you my name on the circumstances that you tell no one.” He glared at her. “My name is Nevinan.”
“Nevinan. Cool it’s a mouth full but I like it.” She smiled “I swear I shall not tell anyone your name you have my word. On the other hand you have chosen Vile. You should feel special after all you are the second person to ever use that name!”
“Oh I most certainly do.” Nevinan laughed.
Violet went back to bandaging up the wound.

“Done!” Vi cheered and helped him up
“Thank you Vile.”
“Your welcome.” Vile smiled. “Now if you will excuse me I think that I am going to go get some sleep. You can sleep on the couch if you want or you can leave but if I were you I would stay after all those things could be after you once again.”
“Thank you but I shall have to decline from your offer Vile. Now if you don’t mind I shall take my leave now.”
Violet was some was surprised. She has offered him the stay for an unknown reason. She though to herself that she was just being nice but knew that she though with him there Dan dare not come in and mess with her.
Nevinan picked up his armour and put it back on. Headed to the door, Vile followed. She opened the door and watched as Nevinan walked out.
“Until we meet again vile.” Nevinan called.
Violet shut the door and looked it then headed up the stairs to get some much needed sleep.

>>>>>Chapter 3
The sun had rudely awakened Violet. It spread across her face. When she hid from it under the covers it would seem brighter than ever. She had spread herself across her too small of a bed and her knees ached from being curled up, so they would not have to hang over the edge. Violet had kept her room the same since she was a little girl. Pink all over. Pink walls, pink sheet, curtains and anything else that you could think of, it was all pink.

wel yeah i shall leav it there i hope you like it
and now i must eat
YAYZ for the food!

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