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Sunday, March 5, 2006

sleding is much fun!

Dear Friends,

well yesterday Summerbaby10 came over, her little sister too and we went sledding!
it was much fun!
well i have finished almost all of my home work i only have a little bit more to do then i am done!!
the only problem is, i think i wrote my essay wrong
oh well

last night i watched Scarry Moive 3 , Scream 3 and Pretty In Pink
lol i love Pretty In Pink, it's such a cute movie!
scarry movie 3 was funny and so was Scream 3
i never realized how pathetic of a movie Scream 3 Is.

other than that i am just gonna be on the Comp for a while Fixin gmy Live Journal, which currently sucks
and then i shall be looking for pictures to put on an up comming project

hope that you guys have been having a godd weekend



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Saturday, March 4, 2006


Dear Friends,

well it's only 11pm here
tonite is the first episode!
I'm happy lol
but other than that nothing is new
on saturday i might go sldding again
yeah i'm a freak
well my mom is yelling at me
but yeha i gotta get going i 'll post more later

hey right now i am watchin much 911 and this kid got to go to warped tour and meet &interview MCR and ALEXISONFIRE
i envy him
i truly do!

lol well yesterday my litte bro had to run around the house catching crickets that got away from his lizard and then he almost pissed himself cuz he is scared of them
well humm... i don't know if i am gonna go sleeding or not cuz i have 2 major projects doue on monday, and i have finished one but the major one i have still to do
it's an movie review on the movie bend it liek backham and how camera angles and sounds are reflective of stereotyping and lablling
i hate it but i have to do it sadly
well yeah.
i better get going
and work on the HW nad visiting yer sites



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Friday, March 3, 2006


Dear Friends,

Hey there, finally it’s Friday!
*Does her happy dance*
This week has dragged on soo much for me I’m soo happy that it is finally OVER
Well yesterday there was another fun filled art class then after that nothing, tho I did got to Summerbaby10’s place
it was much fun!
We made rice crispy squares and I do have to say that they were good!
Then I got attacked by her little sister ^^
we got in to this fight and I pushed her off her chair and I hit the wall then well yeah..
You guys get the point
And this was all on webcam.
It was because her little sister was talking to some one and then I can’t remember what she did..
Oh yeah she said that I like this guy that I didn’t even know and I was like

Then I hit her in the head and then we got fighting..
But back to what I was saying before and well the webcame caught it
All lol
Tho we did end up knocking it down from the top of the computer
Then, Summerbaby10 broke a plate.
It was soo funny, she goes to walk away then all the sudden CRUNCH and she is like OH CRAP and looks on the floor and the plate had split right in half
It made me laugh very hard!

Well I think that my new theme will be up really soon!
I know that it won’t be good and all but I have to make due with stupid flicking pain.
*Kicks her comp for not having Photoshop*
Much fun!
Well yeah…
Oh yeah in school yesterday I found out that my TA (home room) is

We had to read this sheet and like everyone kept screwing up the word cept for me
So when I started reading they were all like HOLY she can actually read!
I was like what do you think of course I can read
But nonetheless it was funny

Whoa I said “LOL” a lot
Tee hee hee
Well yeah,
Today in school it was boring, nothing really happened
Cept my buddy Justin got an in school suspension for saying SHIT
Which I thought was soo stupid cuz I have said fuck in front of teachers and the worst that they have done to me is made me run laps.
I think it is because the new VP at our school hates Justin and well I hate her ^^
She is really mean, I mean I pronounced her name wrong and she gave me a dirty look and was like IT”S JAZWARI and then she wouldn’t answer my question
I was like WOW some one is angry lol
But yeah…
I’m soo stoked!
I can’t wait I need to go buy tickets lol
Well I have home work so ttyl


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Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Dear Friends,

well hey there,
i think that i might actually change my theme to gravitaion!
i well
tho i am not really sure, i'm sure that at last minute i shall change my mind yet again
so i shall be working on my theme

well today was fun
in art it was pretty fun yet again because of Mark and Nigel
mark asked a question the n was like we don't know the answer because were not waering MANTHONGS
then there was a point where the three of us were just laughing our heads off and i started snoting
yeah i snort when i laugh really hard
but any ways then they found that funny and started laughing even harded and the Nigel started to snort then Mark
it was soo fun!

then on the bus my friend amy said that my nose was running so i whiped it on my sleeve then whiped my sleeve on the bus wall
then amy whiped her nose and did the same
so we didi that like 4 times then she goes and grabs this huge ass booger and put it on it was soo gross but soo funny!!!
then Curtis (this guy that amy likes)
was like OMFG
and he sarted laughing and i was like OMFG there is blood on it
nand i started laughing and i almost pissed my self it was awsome
so i was asking people if they had a camera phone so thta we could take a picture of it
lmfao i know that it is groos but it was soo much fun
well i have home work


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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

site changes

Dear Friends,

hey there,
well as you can see i have changed my site, tho my AVI has stayed the same
cuz i couldn't find a NWL one..
darn them and not being huge,,,,
well yes...
hope that you liek it and yes as you can see ihave finaaly increased the size of my font
aren't you guys proud of me lol

well yeah.. to day at school
i doodled on my hand, in the places where i want tatoos on them and what tatoos i want tho
i don't think that the tatoo idea will ever happen cuz i am scared of needles
but yeah hopefully i can get over that lol

well humm i have been getting complemented on my clothes alot more often and it is starting to creep me out
yeah.. io have been wearing jackets to school
mind yeah i always have so i don't see what people are noticing now
but yeah i have been getting compliments and it is creeping the hell out of me
that sounds really weird i know but it does

well i have decided what anime i am gonna make my next theme
get ready
*drum roll*
Haibane Renmei

lol yuppers i love that anime and i am surpirzed that i haven't done a theme on it

well nothing appening in school today.
i have home work
and well yeah..
i am gonna got to yer guyses sites now


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Monday, February 27, 2006


Dear Friends,

hey there,
well school has been so overdramatic latley.
with the hole P!ATD thing
then the valentine thing
then amy hating sophie thing
and then the people being asses to other people thing
and the almost fight thing
( which happened today)
i don't know what it is with people but it is always like this at one point or another
mind yeah this isn't really even bad
cuz usually there is always a point where everyone in the school gets into a fight with everyone else

well sadly there will be no dance tomorrow
and i was looking forward to it!
i actually was, yes little miss
" i don't like school programs"
was excited about the dance.

well on a brighter side of thing RICHARD IS BACK!
*jumps up and down and claps her hands*
tee hee hee
he is my grade 7/ TA buddy from who i got my HOBO glove from!
he is awsome
and he dissapeared for like 3 months
it made me quite sad
so when he was back i asked him where he had been and he said that he was dead lol
so yeah..
tee hee hee
plus i have 2 new fave bands SILVERING and NEVERENDING WHITE LIGHTS
check em out on purevolume.com

well on to what happened at school today.
well i'm sittin' in art next to these guys
NIGEL and MARK and let me say art would not be fun without them
well mark all of the sudden says MALEGATOR and were like WTF?
and he says it's a male alegator cuz you know they can eat you..
then three seconds later he is like
i wanna car so that i can run people over and then if i haave to go to the bath room i can drive up there
lmfao it was soo funny
and he just kept going on and on about stupid things!
like how there are people that rape dead bodies and how when he grew up he wasnted to be one of the dead bodies.. then he was liek.. no wait they can't rape the willin g
it was soo awsome!
he is amazing

that is all that happened at school pretty much
on the weekend i went to my dads
and got to hang out with my really hung over step sister which was much fun

the i went taboganning with SARAH
it was soo funn
we were going off of jump and i winded my self
i whiped out and i few through the air and spun then landed on my neck
and i was like
"o shit"
but it was soo much fun!
i love sleding!
i love it

yeah i am a dork
lfao that is suppose to be me with really bad buck teeth
well i got to go
sorry for the long post

oh i think i am gonna change my theme to NEVERENDING WHITE LIGHTS then after that is it back to anime ^^

lol well as you can see i have chaged up the site hopefully you like
and well yeah....


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

hey there

Dear Friends,

well hey there,
Moonofdarkness came over yesterday adn we watch Fast Times At Ridgemont HIgh. i have to say that it is sone of the reepiest movies that i have seen lol
but it was good nonetheless.
w3ll iam going to my dads in like 5 min so i better get a packing
the 3 was a mistake
wel yeah,
i get to see my kitties
so that will be much fun, tho i have math and LA homework that i must attend to aswell
but yeah



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Friday, February 24, 2006

   omfg eww nails!

Dear Friends,

well hey,
today was really fun!
i t was lunch and i was sitting at my locker and my friend jordie comes up to me with sophie and Justin trailing behind her.
so jordie askes me if i have any advil and i told her that i had Midol (i forgot how to spell it )
and so i gave sophie and jordie some
adn then Justin was like I WANT SOME!
and he kept yelling that
then i asked him if he knew what it was and he said no so i told him that it was cramp medicine!
it was soo FUNNY!

then i went to the bathroom and justin was waiting for me and Jordie and Sophie outside of the bathromm and i'm like i have ta was my hands
and i don' know what he wa thnking but i guess that he thought that i got stuf fon my hands and was like
i was like WTF?! don't you was yer hands after everytime you go to the bathroom?
'lol it was funny tho and when we were walking back i had my hand on his shoulder and i squeezed it and he was liek OMFG EWWW get away from me
and he ran down the hall
it was pretty funny
then on the bus home today there was tis guy will long nails it was soo gross!
and theer is this guy that was on the bus too sittin g across from me and i have met him before but i cna't remember his name
and he saw them and seriouly his jaw dropped and it looked like it was about to hit the floor
and there i was trying not to laugh but i couldn't help i t
so when i get off the bus i'm like
and he wa liek holy fuck that was soo gross
and we were talking about it lol
so yeah today was a pretty fun day

over n' out


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Thursday, February 23, 2006

   hey i'm a loser lol

Dear Friends,

well hey there,
i'm getting around to posting
well humm yeah i have been so busy with the highschool regestraton latley and it has gotten even worse
the school counselor(sp?) told me at the beginning that i counldn't regester till i moved then the other day she pulled me out of class and tells me that i need to be registered by TODAY!
i was like WTF?!
but yeah i am not so hopefully things work out, i need to ask my mom if she is willing to drive like 20 minutes to go get a stinking regestration forum
*le garg*
it made me very mad
well humm today i got pantsed.
stupid justin
*kicks justin*
then in gym we played this cooperative game called
"pip, Squeak and walbert"
it was soo weird i was Walbert lol
much fun

then i got called a
i'm standing at my locker grabbing my lunch and Alex walks up to me and he is like
"hey panic at the disco poser"
i was liek what?
then he said you heard me
so i answered back what is the big deal so i like Panic At The Disco
and he answered that he doesn't like it when people like the same bands as him
which makde me ask
i said to him then you must hate that i like Death CAd For Cutie then
and she said the only reason i like them is because they got played on The OC
which made me ask WTF again
i told him that i knew about them before that and that he knew with
so he asked me when i founf out abou tthem
and well i couldn't remember so i said since last year
then he was like
HA the OC started 2 years ago you POSER
yeah... it's really weird he gets pissed of at the weirdest things lol
so i told him
that if he like them so much why was it me that was going ot their concert and nnot him,
he just turned around and walked away after i said that
i couldn't help but start laughing tho
i thought that it was really funny

i think i pissed him off who isn't hard to do
but a well
he has been a jerk latley and stuff so i feel that he deserves it,
i know that that sounds really mean
but hey that is how i look at it

well yeah i better get going i have some math homework that i better get started on



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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

hey there,

Dear Friends,

hopefully this'll let me post today
well humm lets see
i had to do palaties in gym today,
i hated it!
it was soo funny tho, cu z iwas on the same amt as my friend justin and he kept scream ing CAMLE TOE!
it was amazin'
soo mcuh fun
well at school we are having a valentines dance next tuesday
which is really stupid, well think it is i don't know about you
but i am still gonna go to the dance so that i cna dance with my bud amy!
cuz she is awsome lol and we have done it every dance since like grade 4
so yeah..
humm i have to say this one thing kk
if you don't know her then go visti my buddy
NINJAONE she is awsome
lol yeah,
humm lets see then what else is going on in ma life,
maybe there is something going one, but i so i can't remember so i am off to sites now
*ties cape around her neck*


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