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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

   nightmares, of swirling darkness and transparent walls

Dear Friends,

shmello, i didn't really get to many sites yesterday and for that i am sorry, and well now is not the best of times to be doing so, seeing as by the time i post this it wioll be tomorrow, tho it wil be today, and so on and so forth blah. blah more confusing stuff that i bearly understand
well i have been getting my ass kicked in Kingdom Hearts 2 
and it is at the mads of my little brother, Damn Him but then again he is on beginner mode, where as i am on standard, tho standard is a wee bit too easy, and i am thinking of starting again on proud
Final Fantasy Advent Children comes out on April 25th and i am soo Excited i'm very hyper about it, tho at the moment i am currently not hyper, so go figure lol
Yesh, i am currently bored at the moment and it makes me Quite sad lol
Tee hee hee
but yesh, i guess that that can't be helped, seeing as i am reallt tired at the moment' but it is one of the cases where i don't wish to go to sleep, tho my body is needing to, i don't want to let it.
well i read TITHE again for like the what? 11th time. what can i say, i absolutly love the book!
it makes me laugh, it made me cry and it is just all together a radtastic book

i have found the coolest picture ever, and it was on my photobucket!
i think that i may do my next theme based off it, either that or it will be the one after the next one, becuase i still have to do a KH2 one seeing as i am soo addicted to it at the moment!!
soo here is the picture 

i absolutly love it, i think that is is so pretty-ful, even tho it iis in pink and as most of you guys know i don't like pink, i can handel it in small doses but not in large ones, this picture is on the boarder for me 
yesh, but nonetheless i still think that it is a very purdy full picture and i will most deffinetly have to do something withit on my site!
well i am getting really tired at the moment, tho i don't really know why, i wish that i had some caffine pills at the moment because i really do not wish to fall asleep,
i think it is because of the really werd nightmares that i have been having latley, i always dream that i am being chased by this big "blob" of who the hell knows what and then i get swallowed up in a cloud..
then it droppes me off in a little room , with no windows and not dorrs and it is completely dark outside, and the walls are transparent, and i can make out the out lines of people that i have met before but havent talked to recently,
yeah.... i never get passed that part, i always wake up tho, 
the only part that creeps me out about that dream is the being trapped int he darkness part, cuz well i HATE the dark 
well i think that i shall take my chance with battleing th emonsters of my dreams and i shall head off to bed right now,
i just had a facil twitch!
lmfao it was funny 

ttfn, probably post more tomorrow after school 


**note, wow i never realized my posts were soooo long!
yeah, i took the scroll bar out of my post beecause, well i didn't like it, sorry for mkaing you guys have to read all of the stuff in my posts!

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Monday, April 3, 2006


Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
i had a pretty fun weekend, it was filled with Chilli and Corn bread, Saturday Night Live and Mad TV, as well as DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, OH and O' GRADY!
lmfao i love that show, i swear that the makes of it are high all the time or something. but yes,
so how was youre guys' weekends?

i got back yesterday and played Kingdom Hearts even more
am soo addicted, it to a point where it is not funny,

well today in school was Team and TA ( home room) picture day!
it was much fun!
when i had my TA's picture taken i told my buddy richard that he had to make the FACIAL TWITCH
and he did, but the lady caught him and told him that if he didi that again she would hurt him
i was soo sad, then i found out I'M REALLY SHORT!
i'm only 5'2 *sigh*
and in line up, becuase we had to line up from shortest to tallest i was 4th in line
Richard was 2nd tho, so i got to laugh at him... it was funny.
then when i went for my Corss COuntry picture i dis coverd that CHU CHU was on the Corss Country as well, which i never knew,
so he made fun of me calling me short, which everyone does
but yesh.. i kinda like being short, tho i wish that i could be taller
i mean, i'm taller that my mother who is 5'1 which makes me fell so special!
well i do believe that i shall take my leave now and go work on my Social homework , we haave to make posters
*shakes fist*
well yesh,



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Saturday, April 1, 2006

hey there, leaving and so far 3 hours of Kingdom Hearts!

Dear Friends,

hey there, first off i want to say something


well yeah, i just wanted to drop by and post before i headed off to my dad's for the weekend
I WILL BE SEPARATED FROM KH2 *cries* my stupid little bro wants to play *shakes fist*
Oh well, i can still play .Hack and KH
well sheaz lol i woke up this morning at 6 and started playing KH2 lol yeah, i am a freak, but i love it

i do hope that you guys all have an awsome weekend


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Friday, March 31, 2006


Dear Friends,

hey there you guys,
sorry that i didn't really get to any sites yesterday, I"M SORRY

well yesterday when i went to go buy the game it was funny, i went to EB games to get it and they were all sold out so then i wen t to another EB Games and it was all sold out there too, SO then i went to FUTURE SHOP and it was the SECOND LAST COPY! i was soo happy, i was jumping up and down in the store and i was going SPLEEE, lol i got a few odd stares, but i'm used to it, i was like that when i got the KH manga

i want to change my theme to KH2 but i just changed it to KAMUI¢¾, so i believe that i shall leave it the way that it is at least for a little while,
kk is there anything about my site that bothers you?
if so then i want to change it

so when i got home i went and played KH2!! it was much fun, i was glued to the TV you couldn't have gotten me off, even if you wanted too
it was soo mcuh fun! now i am trying to find PASSION as i am watching Saved By The Belll
i love this show! it is soo amazing!
btu alas i have seen this episode,
but i shall still watch *dances*,

oh yeah, i never did my Homework,
i kinda forgot about it when i got the game
oh well it wasn't alot i can do it on the half hour bus ride to school, but knowing me i won't cuz i do'nt wanna do it,

oh yeah, that math test!, kk i knew the answers to all the question cept for 2 then i find out that i did know the answers to those ones, but i didn't understand they way that the questions were worded!
and i did ask my teacher to explaine (did i spell that right, cuz it doens't look right to me,) them but when he didi it , he made it evenn more con fuseind, then he stared talking to me like i was a baby!
i hate it when teacher so that!
it makes me soo mad!

well anyways i better get going, i need to back my Back pack and put passion on my MP3
so yeah.. i will be back on later today tho, once i get out from school, so i shall visit sites then adn then i shall maybe add more to this post, i dunno but fo rnow

kk so i am back from school now and i do have to say that the day was soo fun!
our cities Football team the Stampeders came to play Basket Ball with the Boy's Team and it was soo funny!
they were amazing and had some major SKILLZ
this one guy went on all fours and then the other guy jumped off his back and Slam Dunked the ball!
it was awsome!
then my Grade 7 buddy Richard has a facial TWITCH!
lmfao ha ha ha
it is amaing and a pic got taken of him, so now he is gonna be in the year book!
it was funny, so now everytime i see him i am gonna be like "RICHARDS FACIAL TWITCH!"
then he shall do it, lol
he took my Back pack today, which made me sad, so i tried to get it back and he took a broom and tried to fight me off, then this guy Jon was like OH you wanna go so he takes the broom and wackes him in the face LMFAO
it was soo funny, tho i felt bad for Richard...
so yeah.. that was my day. it was fun
i think that i shall go and play KH2 now!


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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Dear Friends,

i'm soo stoked! and later tonite i get to go and get it! SPLEEE,
firstoff tho i have to finish the home work that i have but after that i shall have all the time in the world to play
¢¨ú ¢¨ú SORA IS MY BISHIE ¢¨ú ¢¨ú
lmfao ha ha ha ha ha,
yeah i am a really weird little girl, if you haven't noticed that already.

well, today at school, was a pain in the butt
kk well, AMy was on the bus and there is this girl Krsta and she was making fun of this guy Mike who is Autistic (sorry i don' tknow how to spell it)
so then amy walked up and said that she should make fun of him, then Justin went and told everyone that amy made Krista cry, ( which she didn't) so no Krista is pissed cuz "AMY" has been spreading the roumor that amy made her cry,
so then today at lunch Krista walks over and is like
"you little WHORE who hell the hell do you think that you are?"
then there was a fight and then Amy
called Krista a Homo
Then Krista was like Do you have a problem with gay people?
and then Amy said
then yeah.. Krista was on the bus and amy and i could hear her bad talking Amy saing How Amy said She was a WHORE and how she wants to fight Krista
which is NOT true, cuz Amy doesn't like to fight, she would rather be picked on for being a pansy rather than get into a big fight,

so it ispissing me off cuz this is all justins fault! if he didn't get the story wrong then NONE of this would have happened!

well yeah, just when i thought things could get worse lol

so yeah.. i am gonna go and visit site, then i shall go do my HW then i shall go and play KH2

I LUB SORA AND KAMUI...they are mine ¢¨ú

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

   hey there early post yet again!

Dear Friends,

damn me and my being stupid!
i had all of my post typed up and then what do i do? i hit the Back Button on my key board!

well i have the day off today, becuase of the teachers thingy, so yeah. i'm really happy about that! But the thing is i have a math test tomorrw, and i''m not too sure that i will do good, because i have been slacking off and just copying the answers off of my friend Joey
i don't wanna fail math!

so yeah, yesterday, i didn't get as much reading as i wanted to. i got side tracked Playing Kingdom Hearts

well i got to read DNAngel 10 and i have to say that i LOVED it! i still hate Risa's Guts but i think that it is so awsome, that even if she is a fictional character, that her personality allows for her to fall head over heels for a guy and want to do eveything to be with him, even if it is only for a moment.
i also read XXX Holic 6 and it was amazing! i love clamp all of their stories are wonderful!

then i did get to watch Corpse Bride,
My mom fell asleep while we were watching it, she isn't into those movies, she is more into the "Breakfast At Tiffany's" types. Me and my little bro kept making fun of her becuase she fell asleep, we were like
" mommy Tisk, Tisk, Tisk Your gettin too old tosay up past 8. i fear that we shall have to carry you into bed with a nice warm glass of milk. so that you can get the 12 hours of sleep that your old body deserves"
lmfao ha ha ha ha ha
it was funny, the face that my mom made was priceless!

then yeah.. my little brother gets to go and hang out with his friend from ONtario today, which is the other side of the country from where i live, so he is gonna be outta my hair for a little, bit!

yeah.. i'm really bored at the moment so i think that i shall go Play KH after i vist all of you sites, either that or is shall go read.

does anyone know how to outline font?
i really want to learn so that it will be easyer to read things on my site.
i think i might go hunting on google for a code
well TTFN


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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

heylo there you guys!

Dear Friends,

well hey there!
yes i am posting early and why may you ask
it is because i have a HALF DAY!!
*runs around and starts foaming at the mouth*
yeah, originally i was suppose to go to the Mall with MidnightGirl and MoonOfDarkness but those plans fell through
so now i am sitting her eon the COmputer, trying to fix my site, cuz i dont' like the way that it look, then i shall go and read some Mangas that Sholagan lent to me, then i shall try to finish readin one of my other books, then if i finish it i shall read TITHE once again, cuz i got i back over the weekend that makes me soo HAPPY
*does her happy dance*
then i shall watch Corpse Bride and sing along to all of the sings in it, cuz yeah.. i have watched it that many times
i'm a nerd...

i want to thank Magnus Lensherr

well i'm really hungry cuz it is 2 and i stil haven't eaten luch.. maybe i shoudl go and do that,
maybe...i don't know...
hey you know what i haven't done in the longest time?
so i think that i shall do that RIGHT NOW

lmfao i always say that now V.V

YESH all of you guys are RAD-FlippiN-Tacualr!!

well i think that i shall go now, and start my reading, i really wanna get to reading Tithe

i just found out that Jutin is pissed off at Amy, cuz she didn't wanna go to eat lunch with him, and GRR.
I dont' get justin! he acts like he is inlove with amy, and then he turns around and gets pissed off at her for the smallest thing!
i need to call Amy, cuz she was really down, or it seemed like she was....
i don't know if she is home or not
but GRRR



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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hey there,

Dear Friends,

well things did get bad,
well yeah like i said before i shall try not to post so much about it, all that i will say tho is that it is just gonna keep getting worse and worse
hey can anyone help me with my LJ?
i'm soo confused with it
i just go home too, nothign really happened
please go say happy b-day to her
thanx for caring so much you guys
i'm gonna go visit you guys and try to figure out the LJ

NOTE: sorry that my site looks like crap at the moment, i an changing it as you can see and i have all of this HTML but i just need to figure out what goes where and stuf flike that, i'll probably have it all figured out by... mid week, so yes.. please don't mind the changes that will be happening


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Saturday, March 25, 2006

   all hell is gonna brake loose

Dear Friends,

well you knw how i said earlyer that my mom was taking the thing well, that is not true any longer
so yeah.. all hell is gonna break loose tomorrow morning when my dad comes to pic me up.
i hate this... all of this...it's soo stupid...completly stupid!
i hate it! i mean i wish my mom wouldn't make this into a bigger deal than she needs to it's so DUMB
she always does this, she says that things don't bother her then she goes and makes them bigger than they neeed to be.
i wish that my family didn't have so many mother trucking problems!
well yeah.. i'm going to my dads and irt is gonna be hell because they are all gonna give me weird looks cuz of the fighting and such, then my step mom is going to be pissed off at me yet again and this stuff isn't even my FAULT!
well i hope that things aren't as bad as i make them out to be again...hopefully, but i know that if i hope then things will go horribly worng, it's my luck
wel yeah.. at leat i get to see my kitties right?
i really do hope things go well, really. i don't think that i have ever wanted something more badly than for things to go well at the moment.
**note: kk well last night my dad phoned around 11pm which was right after i got off the computer. Then all hell broke loose, and it really did. my mom started talking to my dad and she was furious! i shall post the convo here, WARNING there is some lanuguage ^_~
Mom: Don, your little bitch of a step daughter has been calling me a monster mother, now i don't know where the hell she gets that idea-is it from you or lisa- i just want to know tho, becuase i am not a bad mother, i do EVERYTHING for my children okay, and i don't know why that little bitch is juding me! she doesn't even know me"
DAD: " she did? NO why would you even say that, your the one who won't let our daughter hang out with Candice ( step sister)
MOM: i have reasons for that!
MOM: see the way the bitch has been acting that is what!
and the convo went on from there, then after that phone calll my mom phoned my aunt and i overheard them talking and my mom was all like,
" she is probably a little slut how sellps around with whatever wants to get into her pants"
i was soo mad i just wanted to walk over to her and say;
"your being a hypocrite! you judge candice when you don't even know here, then you get mad at her when she judges you, TAKE A LOOK, it's you that has started all of the fights! it's you who has made thing tense between the whole FAMily not just my dad, but GRANDMA AND GRANDPA. you know why i didn't want to tell you grandpa died? mom it's cuz i knew that the first thing you would say was, " you should have told me first" and you did. I"m sorry, but at the moment you don't really think about those mother fucking things! you know grandma didn't want you at the funeral! she just sucked it up and let you go, cuz she knew that it would make Yoshifumi (my G-pa) happy.mom get a grip! you can't control me 24/7 you don't even know half the stuff that goes on in my life, you never talked to me when Tony ( step dad) said that he didn't love me, i had know since i was yooung that he never did,and so did you! so sto p making things worse! you could have just asked froman apologie from her instead of getting so MAD!
i know that it sounds like i am blaming everyting on my mother but itruly am not, my fater and step mother and ENTIRE family are also to blame for this, as am i...
thanx for caring you guys
*hugs you all*
well... oh yeah you guys have to see
SummerBaby's PAINTINGS! they are amazing, i swear that she is gonna become a famous painter one day i know that she will, it has to happen or else.. i don't know...something wil happen where i shall stalk her down and then i shall make her become a painter, yes , yesh that is what will happen to her
*insert evil laughter here*
well my step dad is gone once again, he has been going gambleng for the past couple of months, he has a problem and everyone knows it, even he does, he just doens't want to admit it, that is part of the reason why my mother is leaving him.. godd som uch stress on my mother right now. i wish that i could get in and help without cause more trouble but look where that has gotten me now,
i think that i am gonna go back to my usual theme of Kamui
i haven 't had him here in a while, well beside me avi lol but you guys get what i mean right?

i'm soo sorry that i have been so down latley i shall really try my hardest to cheer up and not bring my depressed atitude on here,
i will try my hardest, i hate writing these things but i need to get them out some where, and i'm sorry that you gguys have to si ton your buts and read this when you could be doing other things

so i'll keep the atitiude happy from now on!

the man thong was made from scrapps of Alex's happy face boxers and i do have to say it was CREEPY
and really creepy at that, it sacred me alot.. but it made me alugh alot too. that is the only good thing about him that i can stand... the fact that he makes me laugh ^^
plus i think that i have a crush on some one
i'm not gonna tell cuz people that know me off line shall make fun of me.. one mroe so than the others
and the crappy thing is i don't wanna have a crush on them but oh teh well,
only one person on here knows who it is...
and hopefully thy wil never tell, or else i will kill that person lol
and yesh in fact that was a death threat
yeah.. so.. i shall take my leave now.. and visit all of your guys site.. of the people that post this early or late depending on where you live
( i know that made no sense)

so ttfn
sorry for such a long post

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Friday, March 24, 2006

hey there,

Dear Friends,

well hey!
hello, today was much fun!
i was dancing around today.. and fell on my butt, in the mud...but then i cleaned myself off and it was aoo good!
then i had CTS and there is this guy Alex (not the one thta i have been bring up latley it is a diffrent one) and well he use to stalk me but that is not the point here lol he had made this MAN thong and well the teacher told him to put it away and he was like
"NO it is like frankenstine it NEEDS to live, it WANTS to live" lol i couldn't stop laughing, i almost colapsed, then he threw it out and like ten minutes later he is crawling on the floor to the garbage, then he grabs it out and stuffs it down his pants to the teacher cna't take it from him, then she said that he should take it out of his pants and he said that is SEXUAL HARASSMENT
then after that our teacher kept calling him MUFFIN and she made him embroider that into his pants that he made
i love that class it is awsome

then i got back to school and Summerbaby10 went and bought a can of WHipped cream, and she shared it with a whole bunch of peoplez!
it was much fun and it tasted soo good! i think that i am still hyper from it cuz me and sugar = HYPER
so then yeah...
then on the bus i was talking with Claire and Lori and it was soo funny,
claire made this sex face and i almost pisse dmy self laughing then lori took a whole bunch of piccies

so yeah that was my fun filled day!
i'm thinking of changing my theme anyone got any ideas?

well yeah.. i think that i shall take my leave now


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