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Monday, May 29, 2006

   hello there, i am back from my dads wif a cold, cookies and hard as rock rice crispies to show and well yeah...lol

Dear Friends,

well herro there you guyz,
i am back from my dads
so i assume that most of you guys celebrate Memorial day right?
well to those that do,
and well for those that don't,
like me
can a monday ever be a happy one? lol i was just wonderin'

well the weekend was okay not very eventful, and it was really painful
here is what happened

my dad came to pick me up and well like 10 min into the drive i ZOINKED out and didn't wake up will i got to my dads house,
then i watched TV for a bit and ate stew,
then i made rice crispies and they were hard as rock
but they were good nonetheless

then i felt really sick, so i ended up puking, then i felt like crap so i went to bed and it was onlt 2o to 8 and i slet for 14+ hours without waking up once during that period
my dad was getting really worried lol, i guess that he thought that i was dead or something like that,
i didn't mean to worry him, i guess that i was just tired and all

so then i woke up and found out that i had slept in past the 9:00 tee time for our Golf (flogging lolz) game and so i was really mad about that,
i have only gone out golfing once this season, and that makes me mad, i need to go out more
so then i just sat on my putt ate ceral then i went to my grandmas
and once again i thought that my grandpa was still alive, till i passes the shrine thingy that she has in her house and i saw the picture of him there, and i realized that he had died almost a year ago

then i puked again, cuz well i wasn't feeling good, GOD I HATE BEING SICK!
then when i got home, i sat on my butt and went on WDX

so today in school was pretty fun!
i was talking to my Friend ASHLIGHE and well it was halarious!!!
so this is pretty much how the conversation went:
**NOTE: well k some of this is from Friday so nya.. i'll tell you when the stuff that we talked about today comes into play ^_^

Roiben:lol yeha, i get to help out and take care of some of the little kids hopefully i get to help out the cute little kids lol
oxbaby*qt:Lol, just watch.
Your going to get stuck with all the ugly, mean kids.
Roiben:lol hahhah, i probably am, if i'm not at school on monday, it means that the little kids have killed me
Please do not die!
Roiben:lol ha ha ha,
i'll try not to, but you never know those little kida can be pretty fisty, ....OMFG i sound like a pedophile!
Roiben:lol ha ha ha ha,
well i am alive, the little kids were so cute
i was liek awww, there was this one little kid and he was liek i wanna be a tiger RAWR and so i did the face painting on him and then i showed him what it looked like and he was liek
YAY it was soo cute!
oxbaby*qt:Awe, little kids are so cute!
Roiben:lol i know they are really cute, tho i did get some annoying b*tchy ones
Roiben:lol it was soo funny, then i was face painting adults to i was liek F OFF i'm here for the kids lol
oxbaby*qt:Lol! You're so funny!
Roiben:lol hahha no i'm just a pedophile in training *raises eyebrow*
oxbaby*qt:Damn girl.
Keep that under the covers,tisk, tisk
Roiben:lol DAMN IT cuz you know i was ready to just WHIP IT OUT! get it out in the open ya know LOL
oxbaby*qt:LOL dont watch the news tonite you might be on it.

Roiben:Don't Be Jelous, i know you wish that you were in the bussines just liek me
oxbaby*qt:ha ha ha yeah right, so how is it going?
Roiben:well yeah know, i'm working on getting some potential customers
oxbaby*qt: ha ha ha LITTLE KIDS WATCH OUT
Roiben: lol don't mess with me
oxbaby*qt: ha ha hey remember when you sent me that e-mail that had the Anal lube pic?
Roiben: yeah
oxbaby*qt:what is anal lube for?
Roiben:ROTFLMFAO what do you think?
oxbaby*qt: well okay, but why?
oxbaby*qt:lol you must go through so much of that in the pedophile industry LOL
oxbaby*qt: *pinches my cheeks then says in a cute voice* LOL I JUST LOVE MY LITTLE PEDOPHILE
Roiben: HA HA oh, i know that you do

well yeah.. that is how it went down lol sorry if it scared some of you guys
sorry the post was soo long



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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Dear Friends,

i just realized that i had caps on, sorry about that.
well i am going to my Dad's today.. i really should get going and start packing my stuff, but i thought that i would stop by here and say goodbye to you guys for teh weekend!

so yeah, the week has been fun, i got to beat up my buddy richard even more, then yesterday i volounteered at the CHildrens Festival
the little kids there we soo flippin' cute
i got to do face painintng andi loved seen all of their faces when they liked what i painted on them
it was soo cute
they would smile at me wif the huge eyes and i even had one little boy hug me
i made him a tiger and he was like
"tank coo"
(he couldn't talk well)
and then he hugged me!!!
i was like AWWE

well i guess that i should get going now, i need to shower then i need to pack my bags
adn well i hope you guys have a good wekkend



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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   beating up richard for not comming to the anime convention, getting the one song from Labrynth stuck in my head and realizing that one of my friends is a complete jerk!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
at the moment i am listeing to the weirdest combo of music lol
on my comp i have Dearly Beloved and on TV there is The Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing lol, it is soo funny, cuz the two don't mix well, but it sounds really cool, i do have to say taht!!
lol now it is Protest the Hero and Dearly Beloved lol that is a RAD combo!!!

well yeah, on to other things lol
i had a blast at Ota-Fest on Monday, Nescaflowne was so RAD, at one point in time they were comparing Folkin to David Bowie talk about LMFAO
then, they were playing one of the songs from Labrynth! and now, that song is stuck in my head
oh well, i like the song, so it doesn't matter too much

i bought a SORA wall scroll and i have been drooling over it for the past 2 days now ^_^
it makes me happy inside
and i got the KH2 and Escaflowne CDS!
they are soo awsome i love them to bits!
*huggles her CDs and Wall Scroll*

but nya, my buddy richard didn't end up comming which made me EXTREAMLY MAD!
but i beat him up yesterday and today lol
i told him taht if he didn't come that i would, and yet the dumb butt still didn't come
ha ha ha ha ha
i'm sucha Nred,
well nya,

so today was pretty fun, i have been acting liek a complete idiot, and i can't get any sleep, i mean i do, but i am dead once i get to school,
it is making me mad, cuz i knwo that it is a dream that is keepeing me from sleeping, but i don't know what dream it is,
cuz ican't remeber it! and that is bugging the crap outta me, i hate not being able to remember dreams
it just bothers me so much,
welli think that my buddy is mad at me,
cuz i haven't joined the froum she started yet, but the only reson is becuase i already have way to many things going one
hopefeully she isn't that mad at me, if she was i woul dbe sad!
cuz she is one of the few people that i hate being mad at me
well this post is starting to get a wee bit long, so i guess that i shall make it come to a close and go visit sites,
thanks so omuch to all of you guys fro still comming to my site and commenting even tho i don't post as often
it makes me really happy,
you guys have no i dea howm uch it means to me
*huggls you all*


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Monday, May 22, 2006

   back from the partay wif a huge welt on my head! Then i am back from the Ota-Fest anime convention with posters, and HANA KIMI 10 and 11 to show for it! WEET WOOO

Dear Friends,

well herro there!
i have had a blast this weekend!!!
you have no idea how much fun it has been
kk well let me see if i can remember what happened

so, the school day ended up wif a surprize visit from FriedChocobo, and wif a trade of a belt for a KH Manga
*huggles book*
tee hee hee hee
so then we all got on the bus, and by all of us imean EVERYONE that was going ot the Partay lol
then we were being really loud so we stopped at the 7-11 and bought drinks,
then we got back on the bus and got told my an old man that we were too loud
then, we all went our seperat ways to pack our stuff then meet up at Summerbaby's house later that night
so then we met up and i gotz really hyper,
and we watched Final Fantasy:Advent Children
and Howl's Moving Castle
tho noone really watched either movie, lol you couldn't i was being way too loud
then, it rained!
so i went outside and started running around in it!
it was MUCH FUN!!
and while doing that i got into a slap fight wif FriedChocobo lol CHEAP SHOT!!
then i went inside and just yelled a ton
i am really loud both when i am hyper and when i am not!
then we all ended up going to sleep at like
3:30 or something liek that
i was really hyper, but i was tired

so i wonke up and got all ready for PAINT BALL!
tee hee hee
when we got there, it was soo much fun!
i ended up on the same team as Summerbaby, FriedChocobo, MoonOfDarkness and MidnightGirl
if i remember correctly
so we were all playing and there were these guys that joined up, one of them hit me in the back of the head
and anyways, one of them thought that i was a dyke
i wonder why so many people think that, i just think that it is weird that people think that
oh well, they can think that they want to think!
so nya...then anyways,
i got shot in the side and it hurt a lot, i have a bruise there, *sighs*
i never brusie, lol

so then we went out for Pizza and wel all looked liek Hobos lol
we all had dried paint in our hair and it looked liek we hadn't showered in weeks lol
and were all sitting there eating when this lady come up to us and invites up to this faith ceremony at her baptist chruch!
it was soo funny
then after te pizza we all went back to Summerbaby's place and hungout, took some piccies and got even more hyper!
FriedChocobo and i were determined to find a pair of Summerbaby'spanties and bras and we were gonna wear them and well we found them!
lmfao it was soo flippin' funny!!
we gotz a piccy of it too
so i can now check off "getting panties and putting them on my head" off my to do list!
then i got home and went on the comp, then went to sleep

well i woke up at crap, i dunnoo, but it was early nonetheless and well i went to the Anime Convention here
i went wif KittykatAngel, Sholagan, MoonOfDarkness and MidnightGirl
it was much fun, tho i do have to say that last year it was waybetter, tho i did find an insaly hot guy there!!!
and the best part is that he was dressed up as my bishie!!
lookie at the piccy of him!

**click on the piccy so that you can see it better
tee hee hee he was so pudry-ful,
i luffed him!
i wanted to hug him so bad, but that would have been akward, so i didn't lol
so yeah,
then i came home, and did nothing
i have just been sitting here from then
i stil have some Reigon homeowrk that ihave to do, i dun wanna do it tho,
oh well

tomorrow i shall be going to Ota-fest agoin
and this time my Buddy Richard is gonna come!
or at least, that is what he said, he better come or else i am gonna kick his butt when i see at school on tuesday!

well yeah, i am getting tired,
so i do believe that i shall got to bed

have a good one you guys!!


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Friday, May 19, 2006

   hey there today's gonna be soo much flippin' fun i'm gonna get so hyper!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
i'm sorry that the video didn't work for everyone
i'm gonaa try to upload it on to YouTube or something

well to days is gonna be soo much fun!
i'm gonna be spending the Night at summerbaby10's place cuz well she is having her birthday party and it is a sleep over
it shall bemuch fun, that is if it is anything like the last big party she had, which i think it will be!

well today after shcool
Fried CHocobo is gonna make a surprize visit to our school lmfao
it's funny
so well
i am gonna be busy all wekend
cuz tomorrow i am gonna go play paint ball, then sunday i amd going to the anime convention here
and i am going agoin on monday!
so yeah..
i hope that you guys have agood long weekend

i need to go get read for school now *sighs*


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Thursday, May 18, 2006

   i am back and wif footage of my friend MARK!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys, i haven't updated in a littlw while hey?
well i am posting cuz i wanted to share the most amazing footage of my buddy!
it is soo rad! i took it today at school, and i almost pissed myself laughing when i saw it!
so here it ish.. that is if i can get it to work
and oh yesh, i told him that i was gonna post it one here, and he said that he was fine with it

so yeah there is the video it makes me laugh soo hard, lol ha ha ha the person making the HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE sonds is mark lol ha ha ha
and the berso that bursts out laugh in the HA HA HA's is me lol
God, i have no clue what on earth i am gonna do when we all leaave for highschool, cuz make is gonna go to a differetn school
things are gonna be so boring wifout him!
well tomorrow i am going to a B-day Paraty!!!
it makes me feel very special!
lol it shall be much fun!
super rad fun

then today i did an English final, and i thinkthat i did really well
*crosses fingers* i hope tha ti didi really well,
well that is it,
have a good laugh at my buddies expnese and i shall go visit sites now~!


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Sunday, May 14, 2006

tee hee hee i have cramps and they hurt soo much!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys

man i love thesenew emoticons tat i found, i think that they are just awsome
*pokes you all*

ha ha ha ha ha ha,
well thanx soo much for the ideas for mothers day gifts you guys!
i just ending up getting her a card tho,
so hopefully she likes it
*crosses fingers*
plus i am gonna make her breakfast inbed, tho seeing as my mom doesn't eat breakfast it'll be more ike Coffee in bed

well i got SOME of my art project done
it's such a pain in the butt, and the worst thing is that all the pencils that i have don't have soft enough lead
i have been playing with the gum eraser most of the time tho, it i just soo much fun to play with

lol see, these dang emoticons are just so strangely addicting!

ohkay, i believe that i shall leave the emoticons outta this from now on

well i still have to do alot of my essay, okay well the whole thgy pretty much,
so i best work on that tomorrow

well today i sat on my but and played KH2 which i beat 2 weeks ago
then i read graviation #2 and #3
*dances* 2 is my fave BY FAR
Yayz for yoai!!!

so nya, i do believe that i shall take my leave and go and see who the heck visits aat this time lol



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Saturday, May 13, 2006

sadly the week of hell is upon me, anime is on at the moment and i still have 3 major projects to do for school!

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys!!
i am not dead, lolwell at least not yet, but i think that buy the end of the week, i fear that i will be.
the week of hell is upon me at the moment
plus to add onto that i have to do 3 major assignments for school that are due right after the weekend
so then i now have all of tha stuff to do which is a huge position paper on if Stalin was a hero or villain
then i need to do a self portait for art, damn it hate doing that crap!
then i need to study for my math test and my science test
adn then i need t ostudy for the first part of my provincal exam for Lanugae arts which shoudl n't be too hard cuz all that it is is writng a Business letter and a short story or essay,
i don't wanna do all of the tests tho
oh well
i guess that i need to do it some time

well nothing much happened this week, i sat on my ass in front of the comp writing my Paper, then i went to this science Confrence thingy cuz i am that smart
but yeah that was fun..
then last weekend i went to MOD's really belated B-day party
OMFG the pepsi commercial with Jimmy fallon is onright now!
i wanna learn how to ass scoot like that lolz
JF is my hero

well that was off topic
so yeah...
next weekend is Ota-fest
so i am pretty stoked about that,
i can't wait
OMFG you guys i need your help
i don't knwo what to get my mom for mothers day
*goes crazy*
well yesh..
i think that this is where i shall leave it at for now
hope you guys have had a rad week and i hope that you guys have a coolie weekend

*hugs you alll*



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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

i'm soory please don't kill me

Dear Friends,

hiya there,
well i have a ton of homework latley and well i mightnot beable to geton the comp for awhile beacuse fo it,
i just thought that i should lets you guys know and such,
so yeah..
unfortunalty i wont' be visitng sites today cuz well i and just dropping by yto post this, and that is the only reason that iam on the comp!
so when i get back wich will hopefully be tomorrow
*crosses fingers*
i shall be expecting many a story to read from you guys

and well yeah, i do hope that you guys have an awsome week if i don't post till th eweekend and well yeah
take care



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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   eating cake till i though i couldn't eat any more, then eating more anf more so that i was like Bleck lol

Dear Friends,

well hello there my buddies
yesterday was a blast,
i had a ton of fun!!
the day started off with me waking up at like 6 in the morning and going on WDX and just talking to a bunch of fun,
then i wen tot my little cousin's JUDO competition and well we won gold in his catergory which i think is just amazing seeing as the kid is soo tiny,
but anyways at the com i got him to sit on my lap and he then grab a hand full of my hair and shoves it in his mouth
lol so what does he do?
he throws his arms around me and is like But i live you Roiby-poo then he kisses my cheek
i was liek LMFAO
but he is always like that, which is why i llove him so muhc, plus i think that he is the only person in my family that can actually keep up with me when i am hyper lol

so then after that i went to Moonofdarkness' place cuz well it was he birthday, tho her birthday ws like a month ago
so yeah, and i got to see sam!
that just made my day!
she is the girl that moved away in like february and she alwasys would poke me in the sides so i needed to get her back!
and welli did about 10 times, tho she ended up getting me as well, but now i know where she lives, so i shall sneak up on her when she least expects it!
tee hee hee, it will be much fun!

so then as the party continued we ended up waliking to the Little Ceasers by my house which is also by MOD's house and then we orderd a pizza and sat down on the ground and ate it,
while doing that we were all discussing wearther the person at the casheir was a guy or a girl
i know that sounds mean but we did,
and cam to the conclusin that he was a dude,

then we went the the DQ that is across the street and bought a pizza! lol Yayz for sKor!
and while we were eating that we saw Annelies and Karli, from our school which was weird but eh?

so then i get home and it is about 9:10pm and i hung out wif my little cousins and went on the comp to go on the WDX boards yet again
i cna't help it!
it is addicting!
it really is!
then around sometime in the morning i told my little cousin to go to bed and then i went to bed as well and wel nya... tat was my day yesterday
today i have no clue what i am gonna do, i'm probably gonna try to finish readin SABRIEL
then i think that i am gonna start on HOWLS MOVING CASSTLE
i wanna read that soo bad!
then afterwards, i do believe that i am goning to play some more KH2,
i need to beat it, i have to beat it,
well i should let you go, cuz this post is getting fairly long
have a god day you guys



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