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Friday, September 29, 2006

   stoked and waiting

Dear Friends,

hey there you guys, i am ABSOLUTLY STOKED!
i just found out that there is gonna be a school dance next month, but that is not the part that is getting me stoked. the part that has me all excited is that we are allowed to invite people that don't go to the school to the dances!
see at my old school you were never allowed to do that, and so now i am really really excited!! i can't wait! it shall be soo much fun.
the only problem is that you are ol=nly allowed to invite one person. and there are so many people that i really really wanna invite. so not i have a problem to deal with, which i do'nt want to deal with.
but the thing is i'm just so happy that i can't invite on person that i don't really care. it is just gonnna be a tough task to find the person that i am gonna pick
wow i just typed this really really fast and that makes me super happy woot!
well that is about it for me.
i think that i am gonna go now.


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   well herro there, --Still Waiting--

Dear Friends,

Hey there you guys,
I loved the comments that you left yesterday! they were so amazing and fantastic, I loved all of them
and that is the truth.
So i'm starting to lose my typing style, where it is all crazily spaced out and such, and now i am starting to go back to the regular way of typing in solid paragraph which is slowly beginning to make me sad.
I'm sure tho that i shall regain my typing skill ness.
i'm a loser and that is a fact.

I discovered that i have the best Homeroom evah!
I have this guy Mitch in it and he is cool. last week my friends and i went to Wal-Mart and he tagged along and we was pushing a cart full of our back packs around the store, and it turned out that i had talked to Mitch before I even moved, which is reall really weird.
Next i have this kid Brett, who look like my frined Nigel and i thought that that was just amazing XD

so yeah other than that my life is boring pretty much...
nothing more to say..

have a good one I love you all.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

How Could You Do That? -- Waitng For A Beautiful Boy To Save Me

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys, thanx all so much for the comment that you left on my site i absolutly loved every single one of them!
*huggles all of you*
so yeah. today in school i got hit with a basket ball about 5 times, 4 outta the 5 in the face, i'm surprized that i never got a bleeding nose.
well yeah, my gym techer is awsome, tho he always picks on people and i just happen to be one of the people that he picks on.
But it is halariuos cuz you can do anything to him and he doens't care, my friens steph kept punching him and he just took it and was liek WTF!?
it ws soo awsome.

so yeah, i started keeping a journal, ha ha ha i know it is dorky, but i love it. i used to have one when i was like 7 but i ended up loosing it and i never made another one but now i have decided that i am gonna make a special one. *nods*

tee hee hee i am a dork but i love my dork-ness.

so yeha i'm working on a new dance and i need help it shall be acalled the gooble dance and it shall be mine. =p
radtastic, radtastic, radtastic...
lol i just felt like saying that. man i really need sugar and money.
i'm broke XD buying birthday presents and a christma gift totally deprived me of money,
i'm thinking of getting a job at the Tim hortons, but i dunno i really don' twant to work but nya..

So i'm watching 15 LOVE and i love it, Cuz well you know i'm cool like that.
oh i also found out that my fastest typing speed is 84 Words Per Min
but yeah i have never been able to make it that i'm stuck back in the 40's which makes me sad, but hey at least i can get up to 7 credits in my typing class
that makes me really happy.. LOL
i'm a dork
I'm a Loser
I'm a freak

I'm a radtastic Loser that is messed in the head ^^
that sounds better than all of the other ones. at least i think that it does, but then again i am a little loser, and well you should know the story by now.

Tee hee hee i need sugar really bdly but then again it is 10:28 and well i think that sugar at thias time may not be the est thing in the world. and that somewhat makes me sad. again DAMN i am one sad child!

i have recently re-discovered my love for questionaires... i ca n't spell still so yeah..
i dunno how one can comment on this post so if you can't then just be random
you know that i love randomnes!

oh here so that i can take up more rooom in this ost this is why i love my cousin Santana

.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
whats up!?
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
hey, nothing much
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
i met dallas green and george from aof last night! they signed my converse!
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
OMFG i hate you
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
hahahah i know! but i didn't have a camera!!!!! garrrrrrrrr
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
you suck
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
they play here in like 2 days
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
im amazing
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
so hows life?
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
i went to my friends 16th birthday on the weekend
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
wicked! how was that?
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
thats wicked
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
is school going any better?
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
it's better.
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
still a pain but better
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
thats good
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
meet any rad kids like me?
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
lol nope
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
yeah right!
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
lol no i'm serioous
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
come on im sure theres at least one sorta cool kid
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
lol sure..
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
well man if you ever need someone to talk to about it email me or let me know ok!
{|Roiben|} | Shwa? || 15love=, Cuz I'm Cool Like That | Need Ideas For an New MyO | says:
yeah i will
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
sweet dude
.Santana Ondina-Maria. says:
that makes me feel alot better

Yuppers and that is why i love her and she is te bestest cousin EVAH!

lol this hugg is better cuz it has 2 g's which is better than only 1 XDD

have a good one you guys

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

   I'm Waiting For A Beautiful Boy To Save Me...

Dear Friends,

well hey there you guys,
it's been sucha long time since i was last one,
but i have some really good news!
i'm back!
the only thing is that i probably won't be on as much because homework and everything else is really getting to me,
it has only been i think 3 weeks into school and i am already failing
i'm really sad about that, and i really wanna do good, so i am gonna have to be hittin' the books for math all of this semester.
the same will go for the next one too cuz i have social and science.. which are some of my worse classes.

well seeing as i am all moved in and everything, things are going better...
i still miss everyone back home.. but ya know i'm getting used to it. slowly.

i really hate it here
okay, so i don't hate it i have friends but still it sucks soo much!

my cousin called me during the first week and see was so nice, she was like " you know that you can always call me, i love you. your my little sister that i never had. So yeah call me more often, i really miss talking to you" i have no clue what i would do with out santana. i would probably die.. and i really really mean that

during the first 2 weeks i didn't want to make friends cuz i was scared that i would end up liking the people at the school and that was something that i deffinitly didn't want.
but yeah i have gotten friends tho they are not as cool as my other ones. and i don't think that i will ever find friends that cool.
i really really mean that!
so to all of you guys on here and to all of you guys who are my bestest buddies offline ( you should know who you are cuz there are only like 8 of you)


i really really mean that. i don't know what i would do without you guys!

well i gotta go and get ready for school..
so have a good one all of you guys..
and thanx for visiting my site while i was gone, it means soo much to me!

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Dear Friends,

well hey there,
i am her evisiting my dad at the moment so thatis why i have internet
and i thought that seening i have nothing to do today, i figured that i would site here and write about my vacation...
so brace for a verylong post

so i spent time with my cousin and had a blast, i love her, she is liek my sister, she tells me everything and i do the same. we hung out in her basment all day drinking green tea pop and everyso offten we would go out and buy ourselves a litre of chocolate milk and get that down within minutes.
we spent most of the day on the comp or listeing to her play guitar and sing some of her new songs, there is ont that i absolutly love, justbe cause of this one verse that is like

"and people ask me why i look past them when they speak, and why i'm always looking at my feet
so i tell them that i get distracted easily and the stains on my shoes just happen to get the best of me"

so yeah that is what we did, then i went to my other aunts and hung out there for 2 weeks and went on one of the most fantastic road trips

we went through idaho and washington and then went to these sand dunes and got to take rides, i have to say that it was amaizing, even thought i got about 10 mouth fulls of sand and my bad still has some in it

next we went to california and went to wild waters, i had a blast there, tho i was so selfconsious, i mean here is me in a fricking bikini which i never ever worn in public cuz i hate the way that my body looks and i have pople staring at me

i mean i don't absolutly hate my body...
i've got short stubby fngers and toes, long hair, smallo boobs but hey i like what i see, just not in a bikini
and to make it even worse i had the brightest one at the park, mine is the OP rainbow stripped one and well yeah...

but anyways i got better, i have having too much fun to give a shit what people thought of me so yeah i had fun

then after that we went to Carlsbad...i don't know if i spelt that right.. but anyways and there we did a TON of shopping
and it was all at the PacSun stores so i have like 4 new belt buckles and 2 new belts 10 pairs of shorts 20+ t-shirts and a new wallet
oh and 3 new pairs of chucks!
so i am happy about that

we went to lego land and had fun. i was playing with the lego that they have in the stations and my little cousins are looking at me liek WTF?
ha ha ha it was fun

then we went to SIN CITY!!! i had so much fricken fun there,
i love lasvegas it's soo pretty, i love allof the lights and everything that they have there, it is absolutly awsome and everything!

i went andsaw the KA Cirque du Soleie show and it was FANTASTIC i didn't want the show to end and i just loved it! in every way possible . i was captivated by everything the stage was wonderful and the music...i loved it!

i went and bought the CD and a poster so i was pretty happy then we didi some more shopping, i rode the rollercoaster at the New York New York and went to the adventure dome and that was about it and we headed back home to alberta


then i came back home and yesterday hung out with friends. it ws the most fun i have had in a while, and i really really mean that,
i mean the whiole time while i was on vacation i missed my friends soo much, i got really home sick and there was one night where i actually cried myself to sleep because of it

but now that i am back home i am beyond happy! yesterday was awsome! i went to my elementary school and hung out with MOONOFDARKNESS and waited for SUMMERBABY10 and FRIEDCHOCOBO and SUMMERBABY'S little sister to come. it was pretty funny cuz they were all J walking and my frieds mom is a patrol leader and he hates it when people J walk so we all got a lecture but she loves me, so it doens't matter
it was funny as hell tho,i do have to say that.
after that we just sat in my basment and fooled around till KITTYKATANGEL and SARD got there, then after that we went to dairy queen.. and spent about an hour there. then we decided that we would go to a park that is by MOONOFDARKNESS' house but when we got there it was gone, so then we decided to go to another park about 4 blocks away. but SARD had to go home so we all went and walked her home.

there we played with sidewalk chalk and i got colored, my right arm was a green-blue and my other arm was pink ^^, it was much fun.. my clothes are now all covered up with chalk and dirt but i don't care. so yeah then i walked back home with SUMMERBABY10 and FRIEDCHOCOBO and bell and my little bro and we all just sat of the front step talking for a bout 20min waiting for SUMMERBABY'S mom to come and pick them all up.

after that i did nothing i just sat home droning out with the sounds of the TV and nya, working on my NEXOPIA site and that was about it,
and now yeah i really should be studying for my learners i go to take the test on friday, wish my luck
sorry for hte long post
i love you all

Have a good one

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

one two one twooo VERY MELON

Dear Friends,

hey there, i am back, but only for today,
cuz sadly i don't have internet at my new house and i am using my aunt's yeah
well my vacation was fun, i'll tell more when i have my own computer but for now here is the VERY MELON song from Zatch Bell

lol i absolutly love this video it makes me laugh every time!!

i love you guys, take care *hugs*

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Dear Friends,

hey there you guys, i'm sorry i haven' tbeen gettign to peoples site, it's just that i feel bad if i vissit some sites and not others!!!
so i decided that i am not ognna visit any till i get back home.
please please please don't hate me!!!

i am gonna try to get on here longer once my summer is over, you cana count on that, i'm soory all of you guys,
i miss all of you

take care & have a good one


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Friday, August 4, 2006

sneaking on

Dear Friends,

man does sneaking on ever have it's dissadvantages,
i'm sorry to all of the people who i have been talking to on MSN and our conversations are like 30 seconds long
i'm sorryplease forgive me
i will try my hardest to get on more often and for longer periods of time
i swear that i will
no i am not a a library typing these i am at mu aunts, i still hanv'e tmovied into my new house cuz i have been away for the past 2 months,
actually month but those are just details
so yeah
i gotta go before i get caught
*hugs for all*

have a good one

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Fa La La La CHARGE!!!

Dear Friends,

I am alive just thought that i should let you know
I gotta go
*hugs for all*
ha ha ha you guys Rock
and My Radtastic Pancake If You Read This, I am trying to get on as much as i can!

i have fxed my site thanx for telling me that some thing was wrong you guys--you know who you are so extra hugs for you *hugx10*

Take Care and Have A Good One


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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Smurfs Are Asexual!

Dear Friends,

well herro there!
i am somewhat back.. bu not really...
i kinda went POOF there did i not?
well oh well i am some what back, and i think that that is all that matters!
so i am here at my grandma's and nothing is really new.
i don't have any friends where she lives... so i am a loner, but i have my auntie leanne and my uncle mike to fix my problem of boredom...
and i still can't spell!
so nya.. i am thinking of a theme change. more alone the lines of Donnie Darko this time,
what do you guys think?
yeah.. i watched it again and i really realized how much i liked it.. cept for the evill bunny...
frank is creepy i must say that..
well so that this post goes much better i shall state the thingys that i did in order!!!

i went to my cousin graduataion and i have to say that she looked awsome! never ever seen here in a dress till that day, and she look the only word that comes to mind is well awsome. lol you can tell i have a limited vocabulary ha ha ha ha

then i went to her dry grad NOW THAT WAS RAD!
there were all of these inflateable things like the bunjee run and a boxing ring and sumo outfits and a inflatable obstical course!!
so me an my cousin went in the boxing ring and were plaaying and it was RAD then it was like 3am and we all climbed in to the ring and went to sleep
there were like 15 of us crammed into an astro jump. then there were the prizes!!!
and it was halarious cuz my cousin friends Clayton and Korban were obsessed with this ugly poka-dot china! they were screaming PICK THE FINE CHINA then it turned in to PICK THE FINE GINA!
i have to say that it was halarious!

then i went and stayed with my cousin for a week and we had fun, went and saw THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA and i am amazed to say that it was a FANTASTIC movie, there one guy in there who plays the boyfriend has the most beautiful eyes that i have ever seen! they are this bluish-greenis-grey with gold around the pupil! when they did close up shots i was like OMFG HE IS SO HOT
lol yeha.. i am a nred!!

theni went to some parties with my cousin and got to watch people get drunk, that was one of the highlights of my summer so far, and well now i am at my grandma's place and nothing eciting is happening here.. cept for this is where i w atched donnie darko!
well i guess that i should get you guys go, this post is getting pretty long
hope you guys are having a good summer


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