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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

   As Her Shoes Gripped The Dirt Floor...

Dear Friends,

Well Hey.
So yesterday, i was almost late for Info Pro Class, Which isn't good, Cuz i was late last week and My Teacher gave me this Lecture on the inportance on being on thime for class, and i really really didn't want that again.
I didn't really do anything yesterday
It's was fun, at least i thought that it was.
In the second game, i won with a INSANE total of 21 points.
Ha ha ha. It was only 3 frames.
But still all that matters is that i won a game right?
So today i get to go Curling again. And i get to be a TANK and throw the rocks to the other hack. Yeah that is what i have been doing the other days that we went curling.
I still need money to buy dance tickets, and I'm not planning to Buy them till friday cuz till then, i just don't have the time or the moeny. So i guess that that works out no?
I have made it to the 5th chapter of my story. So i shall probably begin posting it on Saturdays Once again. Like i did....*checks* I have no clue when. But it was some time last year. Ha ha haha.
So yesh.
My tooth really hurts cuz i went to the dentisit yesterday and the person that ws doing hte check upp was fricken digging the pick thingy into my gums. So yeah now it hurts to eat and to fully close my mouth.
*shakes fist*
Ha ha ha ha.
So yeah other than that as usual my life was boring.
so i shall let go guys leave.

EDIT: 7:28 am

Well i thought that i would add more to this post. I'm listeing to Vanessa Carlton and her song White Houses.
I have been Listeing to the finniest music latley. Hanson. and so on. But i love it all. I don't think that i woudl ever be able to get tired of it.
I actually really like this song.
ha ha ha ha ha.
I know i am a loser.
So yeah. The only probelem about this song is that it makes me depressed. I really want the weekend to come, cuz i just wanna sit around the house adn think about shit, and not have to be expected to do anything.
It helps that my mom has to go to a wedding and so i'll be home alone with my little bro. So then, I can just think. I'll probably lock my slef in my room like i usually do, and just listen to music. Stuff tat cheers me up like Jack's Mannequin or I dunno, Proably some Death From Above. Either or, aslong as it gets me outta this mood right? that is all that mattes.

Have a good one.



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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

   Well hey there.

Dear Friends,

So hey there you guys.
I wanna thank you for the comments on my last post, They we AMAZING. And i loved them all muchly. =]
So nyesh, what has happened to me since the weekend? That is a question that I am going to have to work on. Sadly as most of you know i have the worst memory out there. It is quite sad.
So please, hold on while i try to remember what happened.
So i went to my dad's and just sat around on my ass the enitre time that i was there, I apent the ret of the time laughing at the stupid Knock Knock jokes that my step sister made and then other than that i did nothign OH but i did watch Viva La Bam and Wild Boyz. I don't think that i weeekend can be complete with out it.
So yeah other than that i just spent all my time on nexopia. Ha ha ha yuppers, i have become really addicted to it latley. I dunno why, but i have. I have been so obsessed with making my site look pretty and what not. You know,
The usual.

SO yeah today was boring went curling, kicked some ass, got made fun of. The usual yet again. XD but other than that absolutly nothing.
So i'm bored sitting here thinking of what to type
having Some Problems Here And There
I'm worried about next week when i won't have my new made "friends" with me aat school.
I hate being alone. I get really depressed and just.. it's stupid. I guess i need to learn how to be more independant.
but to get there, first i need to work on my spelling

well anyways this post is just getting stupid, there is no real point to it...
so have a good one all of you guys,
I love all of you.

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Friday, October 13, 2006


Dear Friends,

So, today i just thought that i would let you know that i shall be leaving for my Dad's as soon as i get home yet again, For he is now picking me up on fridays, instead of Saturdays, the thing is i forgot to tell my mommy.
She is gonna kill me but oh well,
HA ha ha

I hope you guys have a rad weekend, Take care
*huggles for all*

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

   fricken Chicken?

Dear Friends,

Yup, I am very bored, if you haven't noticed.

So today was boring. Actually got 100% on a math test. Then in English we watched a movie called Tsotsi. It was a fantastic film.

Then afterwards at lunch I got to burn my mouth on my Pizza pop.
what fun no?

Gym was fun-tastic. We played soccer and i got hit in the face twice, in the legs three times and in the chest once. Then after that we played Hockey. I scored 4 goals, which is rad considering i don't even know how to hold a hockey stick.
Sad thing is tat it is true, and i hate it

Yeah then in Info Pro I had a rad time laughing it up with this kid Corey. I Can't remember what we were laughing about but it was halarious. Yup, *nods*

So as you can see my day was boring, my days usually are, *sighs*

Oh, yeah I'm mad taht House isn't on. I absolutly love that show and it isn't going to be on till Halloween. *sighs* and I am going to miss it on Halloween seeing as i plan to go trick or treating. Tho, I have no idea what I am going to be
All I know is that I want these Kick-ass Hot Pink and Black socks, and a pair of Faerie wings that they have,

So nya...
Da dum dum dum hum slum.

well i guess that i shall stop pestering you. Have A Good One You Guys
Much Love.
ILU My Ratacular Pancake


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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

   happy turkey day to canadians

Dear Friends,

Well hey there.
Just wanted to say to all of you canadians, that i hope you had a happy Turkey day.
Yeah, I have eaten so much turkey, that I never ever want to see the damned bird evah again.
just watch in a few hours I'll be craving the bird.
If that happens i have no clue what I am gonna do. I will probably be sick that is what. Ha ha.
Well this Thanksgiving Sucked compared to all of the other ones that I am so used to having. I never thought that I would end up missing the 50 people that attended, but sure enough I did.
So last night I watched Big Fish Which I haave to say is the most fantastic movie.
that is of course until Valiant Comes out.
I love everything about that movie, How it's so fairy tale like and what not.

Other than that I spent all of today on Nexopia. I love that place, I love chaingng my page. It is amazing. ha ha ha. Except for the odd Creepers that you get on there.

Speaking of Creepers, that reminds me of this kid Cody in my class.

On friday he kept staring at me and he wouldn't stop, so i was asked him why he kept staring at me and His answer was I Duno. But here this way should make the conversation popout.

Me:"so yeah."
Cody:*shoves his hand in his pocket.* Guess What I Have in My Pocket?
Me: I dunno what?
Cody: *pulls hand out to reveil nothing and blows air in my face* A POCKET FULL OF SMILES
Me:*laughs so hard she cries*
Cody: HA HA
Me:*continues to laugh*
Cody:Are you okay?
Me:*continues to laugh*
Cody:wow i didn't think that it would work that well.
Me:you-and then-pocket-and-smiles BWAHAHAHAHA
Cody:okay then...

Then later in english we were sitting in the Library and another funny thing happened.
Me:*looks Up*
Cody:*is staring at her*
Me:What the hell kid?
Cody: what?
Me:Stop Staring at me.
Cody:I'm not.
Me:Yes you are.
Me:*goes back to work* then look sup to seea heart drawn in Cody's note book and he is pointing it to her.* WTF?
Cody:*flips the page to a page that says LOL*

~After Class~

Me:Why are you so creepy?
Cody:I'm not
Me:yes you are
Cody:Ha no
Me:Well then why do you always give me weird looks?
Cody:I'm not, I try to have a nice conversation with you from across the Library and you burst out laughng!
Cody:Your Crazy
Me:No i'm--Well okay i am but you're creepy, you creeper.

ha ha ha yup that was the highlight of my friday,
God, I really need to get out more. ha ha ha
well I think that I am gonna header off to bed now.

Have a good one you guys.

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Friday, October 6, 2006


Dear Friends,

well hey there,
i just thought that i would post and say that i am leaving today to go to my dad's
so have a good weekend and take care

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

bored and i need to get ready for shcool I CAN'T WAIT TILL HALLOWEEN

Dear Friends,

So hello there,
I finally found out my freaking mark in Math and guess what it is!
A fantastic 44% ha ha ha. Pathetic no? Well I know that the most of you are probably like, why donít you change? Well the thing is that first off, I Donít want to change, because I want to be able to prove to myself that I can make it through and pass the Pure Math 10. Then second off, I canít change, because well my school wonít allow people to change classes any more. So I am just going to have to tough it out this semester. Then hopefully I can prove to myself that I will be able to get through this.

So somehow, I ended up volunteering myself to be the assistant, assistant coach for the high school wrestling team. Cuz well I was talking to my Gym teacher about what I needed to teachóbecause in order for us to get credits you need to teach on classóand so he asked me what teams I was on in Jr. High and I said that I was on the wrestling team. So then, outta nowhere there was this girl and she was like ďWhoa, you wrestle?Ē So I told her that I did, and then she was telling me about how she needs help for coaching the team, because she canít do it all by herself. Then my Gym teacher asked me if I needed community hoursófor religion, cuz without them you canít get creditsóSo I told him that I did, and he was like, well then why donít you go and help out with the wrestling practices in November. So yeahÖ
Iím really scared because well Iím not that good at wrestling and second I am scared of all the people that are going to be on the team, because well I donít know them

On another note, I am scared that I might be drifting away from MOONOFDARKNESS and MIDNIGHTGIRL. I mean I used to talk to them on the phone like every single day, but for the past 2 weeks I havenít talked to either one of them. So I really hope that that isnít going too happened, because well, that would just absolutely crush me. And I really, really mean that. So I think that I shall be calling the both of them tonight, once I get home from school and get all of my homework done.

Iím starting to dislike the people at school again, I mean there are a few cool people like Cody, Corey, Rachel and Ashley. But I mean I really donít like the other people, at least what I have seen from them. Iím especially getting ticked off at Jewel and Steph, because well Jewel is one of those people who is really smart but likes to play the dumb card, because she thinks that it is cute, and well I HATE it when people do that, like no matter how nice they are, to me it is the equivalent of them being a bitch. Donít ask me to explain why, but that is just the way that I feel about it.
Then steph, she is nice and all, but she is somewhat two-faced. Like I mean she is nice to me and Rachel and the people that she likes but other than that she seems like a bitch to others, which ticks me off as well. I dunno maybe I am just being stupid and over looking too many things, maybe this is why some of the people at me school think that I am a stuck up bitch. I dunno, Iím sure tho that I shall be getting used to things. Most of the people there are nice, cept for a few who are always in my classes
*mutters something under her breath*

Well yeah, this post is getting really long and it is all pretty much ranting, so I shall be letting you guys go, cuz I still have to get ready for school which starts in like 20 min. XD
Ha ha ha ha.

Well have a good one you guys, I love you all

*huggles for all of you*

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   herro there...i'm bored and it's early in the mornig so i decided to POST

Dear Friends,

Well hey there,
yesterday was horrible, i got my math test back and i got a FANTASTIC 13 outta 30
i'm soo doomed. i don't want to fail.
so i have been trying my hardest, but that doesn't even seem to be enough to bring up my math. and the thing is my mom is getting mad at me yelling at me and say "WHY DIDI YOU PICK THE HARDEST MATH CLASS?" which pisses me off cuz she is the one that made me take it! She was like it is either that or Physics. and i mean i don't want to be in a class that i can't even spell.

so yeah. i guess that i am gonna have to study my brains out this Semester. and cut down time on the comp...which hasn't been working very well so far.

yeah..OH i have recently become obsessed with GACKT.
i mean i was before. but now i am more than ever. TEE HEE HEE. I can't help it tho, he's so PURDEH!
ha ha ha ha ha
well i better get going. i need to study my math before school starts and i know that i am gonna need a good 45 min to get it into my head. and that is about how much time i have before i have to leave to go to school

ha ha ha yeah.. OH also i think that i am getting sick again. TT.TT
it makes me sad, but i guess that is what i get for not wearing a jacket. I cna't help it, i don't like jackets i would rather wear a hoody, or sweater. i just don't liek jackes. don't ask me why, cuz i don't even know

so yeah tell me about your day.


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Monday, October 2, 2006

   hey there. Quick postage before school

Dear Friends,

Well hey there, I just thought that I should let you guys know of the Plans that I have instore for my story.
I changed my mind. Before I figured that I would post it on my Live Journal, but then I decided that I instead I will just post it on here, Every saturday or some thing liek that, That way if there are people that don't want to read it then they don't have to come to my site on saturday cuz that shall be the story day.
do you guys think that that works out?
well anyways. I am gonna go. School starts really soon and i haven't even Brushed my hair.

I shall post more later today. So that you guys can find out what it is liek to live a day in the life of Roiben. AHAHA JK
i'm a dork.

Have a Good One


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Sunday, October 1, 2006

   what do you do?

Dear Friends,

Well hey there you guys.
I'm pretty bored today. Tho i was on the phone for like 3 hours with a good buddy of mine. LOL
yeah i don't really have a life anymore. *sighs*
damn my mother and her wanting to move. Jk
so anyways, i started working on a picture, whic makes me happy cuz i haven't drawn anything in such a long time. I don't have the time to anymore. It makes me depressed to see, how i am loosing time for everything now.
i absolutly hate it!

there is noone on MSN that i want to talk to and that is bumming me out, cuz i mean it is way too late to call any of my friends. so i am just going to sit her silently listening to my whispers and i wait for my salvation --aka Viva La Bam
as you can see i ha ve vhaned the profile-y thingy bit to my site, I got the idea from this picture that my cousin sent me. it had that type of layout on it and well i played around and ended up with that. i know it doesn't really fit with the theme but that i cuz i am working on changing the theme.
it's not all gonna happen right away. but in time it shall. slowly.
so hopefully you like it
and as for the quote part. if you leave a comment that i like or just have any quotes that you want me to put up there feel free to put them in a comment and i shall add them up!


well i think that i am gonna header and go on my LJ for a bit.

so have a good one

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