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Sunday, August 6, 2006

   Hey this is darksea!
Well just so zachs site dosent die im posting for him!...he'll probably deleat this post when he comes on so WHAT EVER!...Wow zach site is like why more popular then mine...well in comments that is 10 FRICKEN COMMENTS!! he most i have ever got was like 5 - -" i feel so un-special! im gunna go rant on my site and be mean cause....well i feel like it!

So zach would probably say"Whats up people?" but i cant say that cause...i hardly know any of you...exept maybe 5 or so....why am i posting again Oh so his site dosent go kaput ok WELL BYE!!!

(note to zach: plz deleat this when you see it o.O)

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