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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm in love with a stripper
Thanks guys for the sympathy..

But there was comment I'd like to comment back on. So Dear Phantomkittycat. I know how you feel. I'm so sick of these damn animals dying on me. Out of the last 3 litters i have lost 6 kittens... (1 from the first two and 4 out of the last litter..) And yes, after awhile when death comes It doesnt quiete hit you as hard as it seems it should. I also had 4 bunnies die on me. (that was like 2 yeard ago though) But I am just so sick of it. Because Really... once you know their sick, and you can't do anything about it... You have to wait untill they die... pretty much.... >-<... I hate feeling useless in situations.

Hmmm.... anyways... now that thats out. Hmmm. Uhm. The last like 4 days has been fun. I actually got to go out and hang out with my friends. for like 4 days in a row... I'm so amazed. haha... (usually working or doing nothing).

Oh... and I drew this cute lil picture... (its like the one from the game manual.... or something)

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