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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Old Taco
mmmm old taco's.

So did you guys miss me? huuh? HUUH??? No I'm just kidding. seriously if you guys realy missed me you'd all make gaia accounts and stalk me there.... I'm on practically everynight. Oh well I'll just keep suggesting it.

So how are all of my little kittie poo's in good ole Otaku land? Good I hope. Cause i really don't like when people get all sad and stuffs. (well i feel bad when i know others are.)

Soo I finally watched Saw 2 and 3. Pretty good movies. The second one was more gruesome. But I still think they are good to watch. (not really scary just gorey.... bring on the gross death scenes!!! )

I'm in the middle of my third semester at Wastenaw Community College and.. yay. lol. Classes are fun and stuffs. I always start to fall asleep in my math class. I get to draw naked people in my art class ((heh-heh alllright)) and today i get to go to my boooooooring computer class where im allready a whole assignment ahead (meaning a whole day ahead) sooo that means I'll be playing on the computer for a whole three hours... hooray.

anywho, if you guys really miss me and feel the need to drop a line

Rockstarfairychik on www.gaiaonline.com
(its real easy to sign up soo come on!)

rckstarfaerychik on AIM
xxrockinonpixiedustxx on yahoo

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