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Thursday, December 28, 2006

   Merry late Cristmas! ^_^
First off, I wanna say I'm sorry for disappearing. I've been hanging around on Deviantart.com. That's also where most of my newest pictures have been posted. I'm sorry for anyone who has missed me and wondered where I've gone. But I've been getting bored of my fanart, and I've been stuggling trying to find my own style, and not someone else's. So I just wanted to say that if you wanna see my newest stuff and what's going on in my life, Waltz to:


I won't be leaveing MyOtaku. But I won't be here too often. But changing the subject back to what I've really come to say, MERRY CRISTMAS!!! OR WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU MAY CELEBRATE!!!! XD

I got a laptop this year, In fact I'm typing on the thing as I speak. X3 But other than this thing, I got some really fancy pens, and markers, and some really nice dragon books. ^_^ So all and all I didn't get too much, but I'm happy...

I just wish it snowed... Cristmas just isn't the same without the snow... T_T

But yesh... I can't really think of anything else to rambel about... Just remeber to swing by Deviantart to visit me! ^_^

*hands a cupcake to all who visit*

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