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Sunday, June 11, 2006

   Now who here missed me???
Wow... I haven't updated in MONTHS!!! O_o Caaaaaaaaaww.... Wow... Well where to begin on the junk that's been going on?

Well first right off the bat... THANK LEVIATHAN AND GOD THAT SCHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD WOOT!!!! *dances*

Ok well now that that's outta the way... the one thing that's sticking out in my mind is Acen 06 last month! XD Man it RAWKED!!! I didn't get any pictures like I did last year... oh BUT MAN!!! I went on a GLOMPING spree!!! XD I waz Cosplaying az Yuffie, And I randomly run up to a Vincent Cosplayer screaming, CAN I GLOMP YOOOOOOOOOOOOU??? And before he had time to react I had already death gripped him... and the HALARIOUS thing waz, he waz actually gonna grab hiz gun from it's holster... and oops... he didn't have it... XD OMG it waz like a true Yuffie Vinny thing to happen. So he just stood there stunned while I waz all "Where's the materia???" XD

And then I met up with a friend I met there last hear and her friend made a FULL SIZED GUNBLADE outta wood! But it was one of the most detailed things I had ever seen/held in my little theiving hands!!! *MAN I waish I had gotten a pic* Well anyway it had a revolving barrel and it even had a trigger that worked. I mean it made the clicky noise... but MAN IT WAZ STILL THE COOLEST THING ON EARTH!!! XD

And ya...Other than meeting the cast of Otaku-No-Yen, Meeting Fred Gahleger (SP?) Again, And meeting Cris Ayers for the first time, (And about a million that remembered me from last year) I had a BLAST!!! ---OH and I met Reno/Axel's Voice actor... And dang... I can't remember his name... OH!!! BUT HE RAWKED!!! I made him say my FAVORITE LINE FROM KHII: "Roxas... Fight, fight, fight..."

Awesomeness... pure awesomeness....

And so ya... I'll scan in all the pics the various Voice Actors Signed... (Actually they all signed one pic... Since I never got around to making a pic of everyone's character they play... I made them sign my Tonberry... Hey Chris Patton Signed it for no good reason... why can't anyone else...? LOL XD

Whoo... 4:51AM... I'm starving... and the Caffeine is starting to wear off... CAAAAWWWWWWWW

Man I had like a bagillion things I wanted to tell you guys, but I'm dying from hunger and sleeplessness... and I can't think of a thing...

OH! I know... Because I've been gone so long... I submitted 10 pics to make up for lost time... though there are about 6 or 7 others that I didn't put up cuz My comps' evil... so if you wanna see those random ones... wander on over to Deviantart... look for a Roaring-Flame-Cat... *Why does that name sound so farmilliar...?* Or make it easy for yourselves... Roaring-Flame-Cat.Deviantart.com... is the easyest way to find me... lol XD

Ok... I feel my stomach eating my intestines... I need food... Have fun with the new pics... and feel free to slap me for dissapearing... Just dun steal my food, or Die... XD

*runs off*

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