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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

   How A Lazy-Good-For-Nothing Artist spends her last few days at being 15...
Hmm... I dun feel any older... In fact if I have to say it... I feel younger really. lol XD and hey lookie here I'm finally updating my posts ZOMG!!! LOL XD

Well I've been really really busy the past few weeks wich iz really really odd... due to I never do anything... except sit around at home and complain on how there's no pop in the house... lol XD

But ya this past week I've gone to like 2 different Dr. appoinments, one for acne in meh poor face... and the other was to see about some stomach pains I've been having... _Not that they were real pinful... it's just I had this one pain in my gut that wouldn't go away, and somethims I would even loose my appetite over it... O_o Ya but dun fret I'm A.Ok! ^_^ Dr. gave me a special medicine to kill the demons in my gut... and I've been fine ever since! XD *dances in a happy circle of doom*

lol Ya but aside from one Dr after another poking me in random places... I've just been loungeing around the house... sleeping basically... XD

OH! But a really good thing happened to me today! My gym teacher saw me drawing in my sketch book like last week and he saw how good I waz so he askes me If I wanted to draw a piture that would be printed on the girls' badmittion T-shirts. And I was like ZOMG YES!!!!!!!!!! lol XD And so anyway I drew this really quick sketch of a chick looking all fiers and she's hitting a birdy so hard it's catching fire... and on the bottom I wrote "Come and get us." Although I put some time into it... it probably only took me like 10 mins at the most to draw it... lol XD I donno if I's gonna get on the T-shirts yet, but as soon as I do I'll tell ya guys... (The only reason I have to wait is because there's another dude my techer works with who actually puts the design on the shirt... and ya... So I gotta wait around for him... but I guess it's all ok... as long as I get my pic on a T-shirt what do I care?

OH and then I'm entering a dragon skulpture I did in ceramics in this art fair, where ribbons and certificates are gonna be handed out... WOOT!!! My ultimate goal in lfe iz to win something... lol XD KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!! XD

... And ya... that's all the fun and exciting things that have been happening my last few days as a 15 yr old... lol XD

Basically for my sw33t siteen I'm gonna sit around eating cake until I puke and drawing until my hand cramps... with maybe a few of my friends over... ;3

Lol I almost forgot... I got one more cat. Kitten to be precise... lol XD His name's Wilbur and he has to be the cutest little thing in the world! XD He's nothing but a fuzzball right now, but because he's a long hair cat, he's probably gonna be like that FOREVER!!! lol XD OH but he's so loveable!!! I mean he just jumps right up on you and gives you kisses! XD lol XD My outher 4 cats are a bit jelous... but I've been giving them a lot of treats... so I dun think the'll be to mad... until I run outta treats that iz... lol XD

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