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Saturday, February 18, 2006

   Operation L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S.
Sorry I didn't update! O_o I meant this to get on on Valentines day but I never got around to getting on the O due to my internet was giving me troubbles and saying that the O never existed ... I hate it when it does that -___-;

Well anywho... I got my Deviantart account updated but not here... so anyway... I'm updating so no one look at me like I'm crazy... lol

Well anyway... Everyear for Valentines day I celebrate anti-val-day with my friends and every year we do a little variation to our version of the holiday.. this year we did Opperation L.O.V.E.L.E.S.S... It's really quite fun...


Catchy izn't it? Well basically what I dis is I hunted down all of the pple who havve bullied me in the past, like finding their lockers and a few of their classes like study hall or something so that when I put my plan into action they aren't like GET AWAY FROM MY LOCKER YOU *)^&*^%&%!!!!111

Well 99.9% of those freaks who have bullied me have a boyfriend... and well after I find either the girl or the boyfriend's locker and make sure they aren't comming around the corner... I stick a Vallentine I made the night before that's a heart ripped right down the middle and in big bold letters written in my best immitaition of their handwriting, "It's Over" is written... I do it partially bacause of revenge... partially because I love to see these kids who were supposedly "In love" bicker like 3-year-olds... XD

Although I only did it to thiz one girl... Man waz it fun to watch her beat her BF into a bloody pulp.... *not literally but you get the idea...* XD I only did it to her because she's the only one who is CONSTANTLY picking on me... GOD I DON'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!! O_o *sigh* Why can't pple just leave me alone...? -_-

Oh... but I guess another good thing that happened on Vallentines day besides watching two kids get expelled was........ I almost got my first kiss............. *blushes madly*

Ya see I have a friend named Andy, and he's real nice to me and today for the fun of it we kept giving eachother Death glares... and after a few glares he came up to me and put his face right in mine and then I stood on my tip-toes to have my forehead toutch his... *he's like 4 or 6 inches taller than me... and no I'm short... 5'4" yo... XD* Anyway... we kinda stared at eachother in our play glares with our forheads still toutching, and if I had only leaned my head upward... I would've stolen my first kiss... but I thought that if I did that he might think I'm a freak... lol XD And plus... I kinda want my first kiss to be like... I dunno special? Like not one-sided I guess... *scratches the back of her head* I'm really not the type to talk about kisses or anything... I guess you can call me "clueless when it comes to this sorta thing... and a lot of others too... lol XD

I guess the only reason I'm getting like this... is because my b-day is comming up soon and ever since mom told me that you have to have your 1st kiss before your sweet 16... I donno... I'm like... Ok... and who's gonna do that??? O_o I mean mom wasn't being literal but I still kinda feel like a weirdo... Which really izn't anthing new... lol XD I guess I'm really having a lot of mixed emoitions...

............. fujin akki............... Femal demons for those of you who don't know Japanese... ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES THEY'LL TURN THE BOYEST OF TOMBOYS INTO SISSY GIRLS!!!! GOOD LORD RUN FOR THE HILLS AND SAVE THE CHILDREN OR DON'T AND SAY YOU DID!!! JUST RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off screaming as loud as she could.... which could probably be heard about a mile away... seriosly*

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