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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

   I'VE RETURENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol Wow... it'z been a while hazn't it? ... Gomen... I havn't been drawing much, or been on the internet for that matter... lol XD I'm so lazy...

Well A little announcement I wanna make iz I changed the music on my site! The song iz called Desperados and it's origin iz FF VIII. It's like my new favorite song, so it'll stay until I find another song that I like. But at the rate I'm on the internet nowadayz that won't be anytime soon.

*Yawn* I've been so tired lately... -_- I mean I fell asleep right when I got home from school and I'm still tired... Bah... Stupid caffeine withdrawl.... lol XD

Ah, Well I submitted 2 new pics dispite I haven't been drawing.... Well yesterday waz an exception.... lol XD I waz watching my 6 DVD box set of Ranma 1/2 the other day (I only made it through the 1st DVD) and anyway, I had a sudden urge to draw mysef az a dude and so that's exactly what I did! And creepy thing iz... if the pic wasn't me... I'd ask me out!!! lol XD ... Hey you can't blame me... Not my fault I'm gonna be 16 soon and I'll have never been on a date in my entire life... -_- Boys don't like me... XP

... Ah well anyway I also draw a pic of Ranma too... just because I'm in that phase. AND!!! I drew a new OC!!! lol XD *Yesterday I had really nothing better to do THAN draw... lol XD* Well anyway she's a Tiger and I haven't named her so until I do and ink her pic, I won't post it... due to I'm lazy and like to keep you guys guessing... XD

Man I feel so old... BAH I SAY BAH!!! *iz being random* lol XD So what's up with the rest of you peeps? Anything of great importance? Like a relative suck in a well, or someone who haz fallen and can't get up? lol XD SHARE THE INFO YO!!!!!!!!!! LOL XD

Man it's been a long time since I've updated... O_o lol I'd continue rambling... but I'm sleepy and it's time for my #3 nap... lol XD

*Falls on the foor and falls asleep*

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