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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wow! How time flyz! O_o I mean it seemz like only yesterday that I waz that I was stitting around thinking 'GOD it'z hot outside!' lol XD

Well the holidayz are rolling around and I still have yet to even begin to think of what I'm to get all of my friendz...

So far I just have thiz idea that I'm gonna draw a pic for eeeeeeeeeeeveeeeryyyyoooneeeeee... O_o I even have a few of you guyz on the O down for pictures I'm gonna make. I already have quite a few started.... now to finish 'em... lol

Ugh... I'm kinda gonna keep thiz post short due to I am having quite a hard time typing today... *It's alrady taken me almost 15 mins to type thiz much-Why? I just keep screwing up with spelling and where all the letters are today... I just can't even spell I'm correctly today... O_o*

Well prey I get back into the grove with typing and I get those pics done in time... *the pressure haz to be on me early or I'll never get it done...*

lol Well happy holidays! See ya next post!!!! *Ties a bell around her kneck and bounces off singing "Grandma got run ova by a reindeer"*

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