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Sunday, November 27, 2005

   *drops dead*
Why does technology hate me so...? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T_T

One word... Viruses... My computer had to go into the shop AGAIN and I just got it back... well Dad officially haz me on hiz death list... He's all mad because he had to spend a hundred bucks to fix the comp and then another 60 for another antivirus program...

The reason we needed another one waz becuause dad asumed that I put a cup on the envolope the antivirus program waz in and erased one of the codes needed to activate the program. I looked at the envolope and the letters scratched off like that if you put a little pressure on the letter... Dad still thinks I put a cup on the thing... -_-

Well I guess there iz some good outta the fact that my computer iz a blank slate again... Instead off all of my picures getting erased like the last time we took the computer in... I actually got my things saved!!! ^_^ So now I have all 400 some odd pics saves on 6 disks... *and my fanfics too* So I guess it's all ok...

OH! But lemme tell you guys about yesterday! I went to see the Ringling Bros. Circus! ^_^ It waz SO cool! I've never been to the circus before so I waz all excited and ya. I got to eat my weight in nachos and snow-cones... and I saw so many animals I've never seen before... *I mean I've seen 'em on TV but never right there in front of me! XD*

Well there waz a tiger tamer, Trapeze artists, lots of animal acts, tons of funny stuff and a few acts I have never heard of... like these pple who climbed a pole and did all of these flips to get from one poll to the other... I't kinda hard to describe... but lemme just say it waz AWESOME!!! *to bad I didn't bring a camera...* Ah well... I had an awesome time so what does it matter? ^_^

And ya that's about it for my life... I had best get off the internet before my mom yells at me for no cleaning my room... Now she's all mad at me... Well I'd rather have mom mad than dad *he's actually cooled down now... so I dun think I will die anytime soon... XD*

I still hate computerz...

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