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Monday, November 7, 2005

   I'm surrounded by pple who can't draw... *Those of you on the O excluded ^_^;*
I've just been looking around at the fanart lately... and I've noticed... a lot of artists are scarttered everywhere around the world! O_o I mean well duh they're gonna be scattered but I mean I would hope to come across an area where there are at least a couple good artists and what not...

*trying not to sound like an idiot talking in circles* O_o Well I mean I've been thinking about the kids in my school... only a good 10-15% are artists... and only about 7% are really good *meyself included* -_- and then I'm always getting compliments from pple who are like "OMG you are so good!!! I could never draw like you!!!" Or "God I can't draw!" Oi... I hate it when pple compare themselves to me... I mean if I were to dig out some of my old pictures all of you would look at me like O_o. I mean I've only been dawing for about 4-5 yrs now and the only reason I've gotten better iz because I strived to get better, I wanted pple to notice me for something I waz good at. Not just be another face on the street.

Oi, but one thing that really REALLY bugz me iz that pple at my school sometimes come up ot me and are all like, "OMG YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME HOW TO DRAW!!!" It's like these pple expect me to teach them how to draw pictures az good az me in like a few dayz... and that's not possible... O_o *remeber it took me 4 yearz to get where I am now*

I guess I'm just ranting... *well I'm not evan angry, I'm just trying to strike a conversation* heh... XD Just something that I wanted to talk about... although one thing I beleive though, iz we all have the talent to draw... we just haven't harnesed the talent iz all... ^_^ and heck I have a friend who can only draw stick pple and he makes THE FUNNIEST comics I have ever read! XD *That reminds me I have to hunt him down... After we became sophmores our classes got mixed up and I no longer have any classes with my friendz... It's so sad... and I hate the name sophmore... makes me sound like I'm 50... >_<*

Ah well... that's my rant for the day... I have to do 3 days worth of homework before the sun comes up... *iz now midnight* XD lol an artist spirit cannot be tamed... XD

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