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Friday, October 21, 2005

   A whole new remix...
Well after weeks of searching the net I finally found THE BEST site for music that I love *hint game music* Thanks to my friend Nathan for letting me borrow hiz MP3 player I waz able to find a site with MILLIONS of game song remixes!!! *Thankz Nathan! ^_^*

Well the new music iz a remix of one of the songs from FF VII *of course* But... Let's make thiz fun.... You guys have to guess what it iz... XD lol *Beyblader might figure thiz one out* Although you won't be able to figure it out from the begining... you'll have to listen all the way through... XD But I will tell you what the remixer called the song "It's difficult to stand when you're on acid" XD *hint hint*

lol Now I'm all sure ur all like OMG I wanna check out thiz site... Soooooo waltz on over to ocremix.org

Once on there click on the navagation bar on the left that says remixes and vowala!!! All the game remixes one could dream for!!! XD

Now I wanna learn how to make remixes like these... *shifty eyes*

lol well Finally today iz friday!!! XD I ees so happy!!!!! *dances* Now the only downside to thiz weekend iz that mom waz talking to mu counceler at school and because I keep ditchig health *due to we're learning about the reproductive system... O_o* And anywhoo my counceler says that I'm missing assignments in math... so now I gotta catch up on all of 'em... *Wich really izn't so bad.... but then again... ya it iz...* But hey... az long az I'm in a good mood I'm A OK!!! XD

lol Well that's all for thiz week... OH!!! In ceramics I'm making thiz HUGE sculpture of Phantom from Kingdom Hearts! XD And I've made a ton of cute little Shadow heartless along the way... lol XD lol it's almost done... I just have to add some last second details before it drys all the way... XD And then there's the whole glazing.......... But hey it looks cool so I ain't complaining... XD

and well ya... that's about it... so I had best get started on the homework before mom haz a hemerage or Katelyn calls again asking me to come over.... or something... O_o lol XD

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