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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

   Welcome to the Dragon's storm!!!
Well how's the new look? Ok? O_o lol Well thiz theme iz well the Dragon storm! XD The pic for meh BG iz a pic off Deviantart and belongs to Silverbobcat not meh... so ya just wanted to say that so pple dun sue... lol

Well we had a 4 day weekend yesterday... and although I LOVED the time off... My friend Katelyn unfortunatly had to ruin it...

Long story very very short... she slept over everyday the entire weekend saying we were gonna tee pee the nighborhood and egg my ex-friend's house due to she waz on vacation...

And I'm all like "Uh HELLO! Can you NOT thell that it's only 30 degrees outside at 3 in the morning and you wanna tee pee the entire neighborhood????? O_o No way! 'Aint gonna happen!!!" And plus I dun wanna be sent to death row because of my Ex-friend's INSANE mother desiding to sue us for damages!!! I'm sorry... tee peeing iz all good and fun but I draw the line at eggs... Chocolate sause and stuff like that iz ok but NOT eggs...

*Sigh* I dun wanna tell the entire story again... if you wanna read the entire story waltz over to my Deviantart page thing...


And ya if you do drop over there you can also read about my new Cat Jack-O-Lanturn... or Jack for short! XD AWWWW HE'Z JUST THE CUTEST THING!!!! XD *I have pictures but I have yet to load 'em... lol XD*

lol Well other than that there's really no newz to report other than the fact that I'm finally making some leeway on all of my fanfics... and I just have one thing to ask Beyblader... FFVII: Last Order!?!? Huh? I haven't heard that title... O_o *maybe because I'm still franchizing over AC...*

-does a quick google search-

Oh.... my gawd.... Bey... If you drop by... Can you pleast tell me how you got to see something like thiz...? PLEAZE BEYBLADER!!!! HAVE MERCY ON RFC'S FF DEPRIBED SOUL!!!! *flops on Bey's leg and refuses to let go*

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