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Saturday, October 8, 2005

   Long time no see eh?
Hey all!!! ^_^ Sorries I've been gone for like forever... I've just been real lazy... and I mean lazy... I haven't evan been drawing... wich might be a sign for the end of the world.... O_o lol JK XD

Well lesse... homecomming week me and meh buds went tee-peeing! *I have no clue if that iz how you spell it* lol we almost got caught like 3 timez! OMG it waz so scary! there waz actually thiz one guy who yelled out WHO'S OUT THERE?!?!? O_o OMG we ran so far... XD I nearly had a heart attack but it waz all good.... XDDDD In the end we teepeed one of my Ex-friends Katie *Man we got her gewd* her entire house waz entirly white.... XD Ahhh what a great night... XD

lesse what else..... well I can see that taking down my IM haz reduced the # of suicidal pple IMing me... which iz good... I mean I have no clue what draws them to IMing me.... but GAWD!!! What makes me so special??? Iz it because meh site iz black and looks a bit gothic??? O_o Iz it beacuse it just so happens that I'm not feeling optimistic when I updated my last post, so upon reading it they thnk "oh well she'll be ok to talk to because she's a depressed person..." NO!!! I'M NOT DEPRESSED!!! EVER!!!! GAWD!!! O_o

The only reason meh site iz black and blue iz because I like dark colorz... Light colors are all like "Hiss the light... XP"

Yes... well I might put my E-mail back up one day... XD But I'm thinking of redesinging meh site sooner or later... so if you can't get on meh profile one of these dayz DON'T PANIC I'm just tweaking thingz! ^_^

lol Well other than my lazyness getting the better of me I'm enjoying thiz 4 day weekend I'm having.... XD

OH! on a really random good note! I'm finally gonna get my pawz on FF VII AC!!!! O_O Tis a miracle!!! XD My one friend Katelyn *WOO- quote unquote* haz a friend who's name iz frankie. Well he got a hold of the move and he haz a DVD burner soooooooooooooooooo he burned me a DVD... XD Now all that'z left iz for him to give it to me!!! XD EEEEEE I'm one again a happy fangirl!!! XD

lol well that's if for the life and timez of RFC... again I'm very sorry for disappearing... XD Hugz to all!!!! XD

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