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Saturday, April 11, 2009

   Wow... now this is new...
Wow. Now I haven't been around in quite sometime on the O and MAN! Has it changed! I barely even recognize the place! For those of you who are wandering on this, I'm RFC and I used to be one of the top 100 artists (I think I was around 59 when I was last here.) back in the day, (making myself feel old) And Well, I figured that I should come back and at least see what's new and exciting in the world of the O.

"But RFC, where have you been all this time?" Well it's simple. I've been on Deviantart.com as of late, only because I was getting frustrated with my art and how it only seemed to be fanart. Now, don't get me wrong, I love fanart, I mean it's what got me here as an artist, but I wanted to see what other types of art were out there... so I left the O for a bit. (Sorry!)

So I got an e-mail not too long ago, saying how the O missed me and what not, and I thought: "Well what's the harm in going back? Sure I may not draw fanart so much anymore, but I can still update my art, and mingle around the community." So I'm talking this first step as an old O member to come back and see what's new and exciting.

So guys. Welcome me back, Throw confetti, dance randomly, whatever feels good to you, because RFC IS BACK! XD

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