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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

   Random stuff for Valentine's!
To start off mah post, Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! ^^ ... I've never particularly liked the holiday, but it's an excuse to celebrate and eat candy, no? ^^''

Aaand, for some news... I GOT 500 HITS ON MY SITE! W00t. =D ... Actually, it seems kinda pathetic, 'cause I've already long since passed 1000 hits on deviantART, but... That's a bigger site. More traffic. ^^'' I'm still happy! XD

... And now, on a different note... Has anyone else been following the news on theOtaku's front page? Insane... Completely insane... -.-* ... Someone really needs to be hurt...

Oh, and I know I usually update here when I have art to post, but not this time. I'll have stuff soon, but nothing's ready just yet. Sorry... ^^''

Gwah. I've run out of stuff to say. XD Oh, I started getting pamphlets and stuff from colleges already... O__o'' ... Crazy. I'm still a junior... ^^''

Oh yeah! I'm very happy that theO has a favoriting system now. ^^ Now, I think this site is perfect.

Okie dokie, I gotta go. =P Glad I updated finally, eh? ^^'' Ja!

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