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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I just realized the other day that I haven't submitted anything in a while. T.T ... So here I am! ^^ I'll be putting up several pics soon. *nod* You may have already seen them on DA, but...

... You wanna know what REALLY sucks? My mom wanted to punish me this weekend for 'being rude to her' (eh?), so she took away... my sketchbook. ARGH! She had no right to do that! I mean, okay. Take away my TV priveleges. Take away my video games. Take away the internet, for god's sake. (I can get around that one, anyway.) I mean, yeah, those are things I get joy out of. They're priveleges. I sometimes over-use them. But my sketchbook?! How can she take that away?! -.-* It's MY drawings! My art! It's how I express myself! How I be creative... Who in their right mind takes that away?! By the way, she also gets mad at me for reading and the like... Does anyone else agree that it's not right?

Sorry, I'm just a little angry about that. I needed to rant. *sigh* ... I do have my sketchbook back now, though barely... It's staying hidden from now on. -.-

Back on topic(ish)... Does anyone know the anime Bleach? I do, now. ^^ I always thought it'd be stupid, for some reason... I guess because of the name... But I went over to a friend's house a few weeks ago, and she got me to watch episodes 5 through 9. Now I've seen all of the episodes up to 12. So, it's not the best anime in the world... but I like the ideas in it, and I love the characters. Especially Kon! @.@ ... I am now determined to get a Kon plushie. Heh. XD (Though that body for him is so degrading... T.T) By the way, I look a lot like Orihime, too... My personality's much more like her friend, though. The tomboyish girl with super-short hair, whose name I cannot remember for the life of me. ><'' ... Her last name's Arisawa, I think... Anywho.

... I'm done ranting, now...! I'm considering adding music to my site, if I can. Anyone know how...?

Well, check out my new(ish) art, and see you later! ^^

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Monday, October 30, 2006

   Happy Halloween! ^__^
First off, forgive me for not visiting your sites very much... again... T.T ... I'm reading most of your posts, I just can't respond most of the time, or I'm not in the mood... Eh. Sorry.

Now! For the good news. NEW PIC!!! I entered the Otaku Halloween Contest! It kinda provoked me to draw a pic I've had an idea for for a long time, so I decided to do it. Hopefully it's liked well enough... :) Please go look! ^^

... I think my coloring skills are going downhill. -.- I usually get impatient with a pic by that point, so I kinda rush it... You might see it in this latest pic... T.T ... Oh well.

So again, sorry for not visiting, and please go see my contest entry! Thank you! ^^

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

   Short Post!
I'm so sorry everyone for not visiting your sites lately... T.T I kinda didn't have access to the computer for a few days. And the next little while is going to be iffy, so... Sorry! T.T

To make up for it for the moment, I'm taking a page out of Salem's book, and putting up something from YuoTube. It's this awesome SGT Frog AMV I found, to the song Beethoven Virus (Someone who plays DDR may recognize the song.). I hadn't seen any of the Keroro Gunso anime until this video, so... yeah. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

   Myeh... Neheh.
Well, methinks I've been ordered by Chiru-chan (CERM) to do this quiz, so I'm going to do so, 'cause it's interesting. *nod nod* ... I've been away from dA for so long... Yeesh...

*tries to right click to copy quiz, and is promptly thrown out of Chiru's site* ... X.X'' ... Let's try that again. *uses keyboard keys this time*

By the way... Strangely, a lot of my answers are similar to Chiru's... O.o''

1. Roae (Root Of All Evil)
2. Georgia (My real name. Laugh, I dare ya. -.-* )
3. George, Peach, ATL, and other such nicknames derived from my real name...

1. Roae
2. Safaiaryu
3. Hyozanryu

1. My courage. (Or foolhardiness, as it were... )
2. My personality. XD (For the most part...)
3. My hair... (See? Like Chiru!)

1. My anger issues.
2. My inability to think before I act
3. The fact that everyone thinks I'm twelve. (I'M FIFTEEN, DARN YOU!!!)

1. Italian ( ... and proud of it. XD )
2. Various Native American tribes...
3. Everything else you can imagine. XD

1. Losing those I care for.
2. Out-of-control people in higher positions. Think the phrase: Power corrupts. (I saw V for Vendetta the other night... Scaaary... )
3. The tripods from War of the Worlds. (Shut up. >.>'' )

1. Music (I'd go crazy without it.)
2. Sketchbook/pencil (Again, I'd go crazy... Or start drawing on other things, which doesn't go well, since skeches almost always turn out good and I can almost never keep it... )
3. My favorite red jacket. X3

THREE THINGS YOU ARE WEARING RIGHT NOW: (Going by what I was wearing when I first read this... )
1. Renaissance-y shirt with awesomely huge, dramatic, flowy sleeves... X3 ... Oh, and it's got a rose print. Eheh.
2. Faded blue jeans, slightly more fitted than I usually wear, but not tight...
3. My two favorite pendants. One's made up of a ruby and two diamonds, the other's a pretty Egyptian one made up of gold and different colors of glass.

THREE OF YOUR FAVORITE BANDS (or artists at the moment):
1. Coldplay
2. Sting
3. Keith Urban

1. White Shadows ~ Coldplay
2. Ojos Asi ~ Shakira
3. Miss Murder ~ AFI

1. Keep up with my homework... -.-
2. Draw a comic
3. Dance

1. You're asking me this question? O.o''
2. ... Erm...
3. ... Unconditional love. (Didn't say that was a given! XD )

1. The nickname Roae was given to me by my 8th grade History teacher.
2. I play soccer, just for kicks. (Sorry, had to... XD)
3. My favorite movie character is currently V, from V for Vendetta.

1. ... Wha? O.o
2. ... Don't care. Really.
3. ... Though I don't like overly-muscular people or super-deep voices, unlike my sister...

1. Bring attention to myself around people I don't know.
2. Wear outfits considered tight, overly-girly, pink, or skimpy. XP
3. Become vegetarian. (Sorry, Poppa, but I gotta have my steak and beef jerky... *drools* )

1. Drawing
2. Reading
3. Playing games

1. Buy and read the graphic novel version of V for Vendetta. (Can anyone tell I'm now obsessed with this movie? XD )
2. Defeat the local champ at the YuGiOh TCG. (I've actually done it before... *smirks* )
3. ... Pwink? O.o

1. Egyptologist
2. Artist (Possibly comics... )
3. Park ranger/fireman/anything else that involves adventure and heroic deeds... =)

1. Egypt (Valley of the Kings!)
2. Britain
3. Japan

( ... Um, don't get what this is asking... O.o )

1. Have a cool library
2. Discover something important
3. Do some heroic deed (like save someone's life)

1. animeK
2. MagikSalem
3. Anyone else who reads this!

... And that's it. Nya. ^^''

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

   ... T.T ...
... Ugh. Did anyone hear what happened yesterday? I couldn't believe it... Steve Irwin died. The Crocodile Hunter. He was a childhood hero of mine... and now I'm depressed. T.T Seriously... I mean, I hate to say this because I (obviously) liked him, but if he had gotten killed by, say, a crocodile, I think everyone would have been like, "Oh, we saw that coming." ... But... a stingray?! That was the third fatal attack by a stingray in Australia, for goodness' sake! It's so rare, and it happened to him... ;.;

... Um, yeah. This is making me even less inclined to get stuff done. On DA, I've still got stuff from August 18th to comment on... Well, for tonight anyway, I'm hanging out here. This site is more friendly, in my opinion. Methinks, with the random change they made in the fanart voting system, I'm going to be more daring and post a couple of pics I wouldn't before... just for the heck of it. And I'll do other stuff too. So, I'll see you all on your sites... Those of you who have updated recently, anyway...

Oh yeah, and I'm starting school tomorrow. Fun. I'm going into my junior year in high school. Luckily, at my school, juniors and seniors go in the afternoon, so I can still sleep in and stuff... Besides, I was getting rather bored. So I don't mind too much. I'm just not happy about the workload that's going to get forced on me. -.- But, for some reason I also draw more during the school year, so maybe you'll be seeing more of me. *nod*

... Well, I'm off to do stuff. Bye!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

   Update, including ART!
(Everyone gasps in shock) ... Yes, yes, I know. ^^'' I was really wanting to finish some of my other stuff (especially my thank-you art), but the sketchbook I had with all of that in it got filled up, meaning I got a new one... and I've hardly touched the old one since. -.-'' Sorry... I'll go back to it eventually, when I get into a mood to color.

Anywho, two pics: One is my side of the art trade I did with animeK, featuring Ryou Bakura. (I rescanned it, AK! ^^ Hopefully it looks better this time. Does that count as a birthday present? ^^'' ) And the other is this cool (in my opinion) pic I did of the Egyptian god Anubis. I like this one... I have it up on DA, too, but that one doesn't have the detail in the collar and armbands. For this pic, I really want people's opinion on whether I should color it (it would probably be cel-shaded then), or just shade it in black-and-white (where I'll guesstimate with realistic shading.) Please tell me...?

Oh yeah, one more thing: While I've been really careful about my rating on here up until now... Well, now I don't care so much. Getting to 100 votes at 100% is good enough for me. I can take a few bad votes now. ^^ Not saying that I WANT them... *short glare* ... It's just not going to bother me as much if it happens.

Well, sorry about not really commenting on everyone's sites. I have been reading most of your posts, I just usually don't have the time or energy to comment. I've got a million other things to do, which makes me feel bad about it, but I'll catch up and get back to normal eventually.

See ya! ^^

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

animeK tagged me on deviantART. Since I don't know enough people there, I'm transferring it over here for tags. Here we go! ^^

1. Do you like animals?
Yes! ^^ Very much so. Gladly, they like me, too.

2. Have you ever met an online friend in person?
No, but I'm hoping to soon. ^^

3. Are you athletic?
Um... I would be, except I have juvenile arthritis... Makes it kinda painful to run for long... T.T

4. Are you: thin, fat, athleticlly built etc:
Thin... ish. Used to be a twig, but now it's not so bad since I'm not sick all the time. -.-

5. How much do you weigh?
Um... About 108-110...

6. What's your height?
Five feet... Really, just under... T.T And I'm not happy about it.

7. Shoe size?
... 8? I think?

8. Girls- are you tomboyish, girly, normal, etc?
Tomboy! I hate pink and I love games, especially video games and card games. It's so fun when you play against a guy who doesn't know you, and he thinks you won't be good because you're a girl, and then you kick his butt... XD

9. Guys- Are you girly, or guyish?

10. How old are you?
Just turned 15. Don't feel like it though.

11. When's your birthday?
July 12th.

12. Do you like to receive giftart?
Yeah, why not? ^^

13. Are you sociable?
Um... Maybe? ^^'' I am on the internet, but in real life, I'm kinda shy...

14. Do you have many friends?
Yeah, quite a few. *laughs* I may be shy, but I guess I attract people. ^^''

15. What's your race?
Why does it matter? ... Hm, a major mix. But I get a lot of Italian from my father's side, and my last name is Italian, so I'll say that. *nod*

16. Do you like to talk on the phone?
No. I pretty much refuse to call people, and there's only a select few who I'll talk to for long if they call me. I prefer talking on the internet or real life. *shrug*

17. Are you single or taken?
... Uhhh... I plead the fifth?

18. Do you eat meat?
Yes! Which is strange because my father's vegetarian... but I love meat. *grins*

19. Are you paranoid?
No... WHY ARE YOU STARING AT ME?! *glance, glance*

20. Do you read a lot?
*laughs* Up until the point when I started drawing all the time, my entire summer was spent reading. My mom used to have to force me to stop and eat or sleep. Does that answer your question? XD

21. Do you listen to music, what kind?
Yes! Pretty much everything, except rap and hard rock/heavy metal. I don't really have a favorite genre, though... My father's a musician, so I've learned to listen to a lot of stuff. Speaking of which, he gave me a Grateful Dead CD to listen to...

22. Do you play any instruments?
... Um... I'm kinda learning bass and piano from my father... I'm not too adamant about it, though. ^^''

23. How long have you been drawing?
Ever since I can remember. But I stopped from about fourth grade through seventh because of an evil art teacher... Then I started again with anime style and have been drawing ever since.

24. Whats the meaning of life?
Make your mark and go out with a bang! If you have a chance to get what you want (including the world), go for it! *evil laughter* ... And you were wondering why I'm called the Root Of All Evil. *smirk*

25. Now tag five of your friends!
Let's see...

On DA: neko-Naga, drgnheart

On theOtaku: MagikSalem, Reno the Turk, Shireishou

... Here's hoping they actually do it. ^^''

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have a new favorite anime! (Not favorite-favorite, just a new one on my list of favorites.) It's Fruits Basket. I've heard about it a lot, but I had only seen the first two episodes and didn't like it THAT much... But I borrowed the box set of the series from a friend of mine, watched it all (I finished it two days ago, I think) and now I really like it. My favorite character is Kyo... ^^'' He's awesome. But man, the last few episodes were so shocking and sad... ;.; Anywho, I'll probably try some fanart of that soon.

And yes, AK, this would be why I don't have your request done yet. T.T Gomennasai... If you must blame someone, blame my friend for giving me the series. And then blame my perfectionism for not letting me finish the pic quickly. Gah...

Anywho, other than that, well... I read a few new manga that the same friend let me borrow. We're always trading stuff back and forth. It makes it so that we always see each other again quickly. ^^'' Anywho, I read the first two volumes of Revolutionary Girl Utena (My only comment: He licked her! o.o'' What the heck?!), and the first volume of Othello and Alien Nine. Othello was interesting (Yay for split personalities! ^^''), but Alien Nine I didn't get at all. *shrug* Plus I ordered more manga from Barnes and Noble, which should be arriving today...

Heh, my life is boring right now. ^^'' But ya gotta love the anime. Oh, thanks very much to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! ^^ See ya!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Today's my birthday! ^^ I officialy turned fifteen years old. It's kinda scary... but whatever. Hey, guess what? My father got me an Art of Otaku CD for my birthday! ^^ It should be arriving in the mail... Well, he said it should come today. If that's true, that'd be really cool. ^^ Heehee... Um, I think I'm keeping it short, so I'll leave it at that. See ya!
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Friday, July 7, 2006

Hi, guys! ^^'' Sorry I disappeared. I'm trying to work on my new DA account... I've got a million and one scraps to upload. Man, I love the scraps feature... But I haven't forgotten about theOtaku! Not at all. I just... don't have anything finished to put up. T.T I'm being lazy... I've got several pics in varying levels of completion, but I never feel like actually finishing them. Especially since the first thing I want to do is post the pic I'm doing for my hundred votes, and I'm being uber-perfectionist about it... I'll never finish it at this rate. Gah. It's not even that good... *sweatdrop* I'll stop now. So, if you want to see stuff of mine that you haven't seen before, check DA.

In other news, I... Well, there isn't much. I've been playing a lot of video games lately... I have to mention this one thing though. I finally beat Ocarina of Time, after a long, long time of having the game and playing it on and off... And my stupid N64 froze in the final cut scene. GRRR!!! ... But, I got it working again, and beat the game again, and saw the entire scene. I feel better now. *nod*

And now I've moved on to Majora's Mask. Gotta do fanart... Deku Link is sooo cute! ^^ He was my favorite for a long time, until... I got the Zora mask... @.@'' ... Love it... Zora Link is absolutely awesome. He swims so fast (that's a 'no duh')... And how he fights! I think the arm fins as a weapon are kinda weird, but his martial arts-type moves are really cool. But Mikau's story was so sad... ;.; I'm glad I got back all the eggs for him. May he now rest in peace. *bows head* (For those who have played the game and are reading the Egypt arc in the YGO manga, while I was sneaking around the Pirate's Fortress and stealing the eggs, I couldn't help thinking, "I've got to collect them all... All seven of them." ... So there's my Bakura quote of the day. ^^'' )

... Yes, I'm odd. Anyway! Nothing else to say. So, um... I need to go check in on a few people on here. Ja ne!

P.S. Oh yeah, my birthday is in five days...

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