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Monday, May 1, 2006

Saiyuki fav shots
Beautiful shots of the gang
cut group pic

The "bad guys"Cute though

background from www.kaioysei.net

Okay things are really crazy!I'm super busy and I really want to add more to my interview!Guess it'll have to wait.I wonder if anyone really reads it or just see's what everyone else wrote and posts comments just like them.??Oh Well I hope you people out there are really enjoying it.I know I post a lot of stuff but I can't help it!It is supposed to be a tribute to all great anime. There's just too many anime I like!Here's some pics of some anime I've watched and found great!or just plain kawaii!No particular order.


Cowboy Bebop

Fruits Basket(recommended by a certain someone*ahem* that's you n3ko-chan)I ended up liking it for Hatori-kun!

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Of Course Kenshin!My number ONE anime!Scroll up to look at more pics.Saitou's the coolest anime character ever created!


Cardcaptors Sakura

Tsubasa(Same characters as CS, different story)Fai's my fav in this one

Samurai Champloo
Look at Jin's peace sign!CUTE!!

Peacemaker Kurogane

My number TWO anime. Just cuz I like all the main characters and it's hard that many likeable characters in one series.(ex:SANZO!!)



Full Metal Alchemist

That's about it for now!

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