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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A tribute to Saitou

Even though it's Tidus in here I'm gonna give you guys a little info on Saitou Hajime cuz he's one of my fav RK characters.

Nicknames:Wolf of Mibu,Narrow eyes, Goro Fujita.

Saitou is one of the most bad*** characters around. He's so kool!maybe a bit scary..but kool.

Okay, here we go. Saitou used to be leader of the third squad of the Shinsengumi until the war ended. Then, he became a police man for the Meiji government under the identity of Goro Fujita. Some of the Shinsengumi may think he's betraying them but no, Saitou actually infact is still carrying out his Aku.Soku.Zan(evil must be eradicated). That was the law of the Shinsengumi.
He's got quite a number of attacks such as the Gatotstu. It has three forms. The Shinsengumi were famous for practicing their attacks to perfection.

"There are few people brave enough to give their life to defend their honor and dignity as a human being. To just survive, like an animal, you don't need honor and dignity." -Hajime Saitou

"If you're planning on running, there is somewhere to hide that's even safer than Shanghai.It's called Hell."

"You tame a dog with food. You tame a man with money. But there is nothing that can tame a wolf of Mibu."

"A Wolf is a Wolf. A Shinsengumi is a Shinsengumi. Just as a Manslayer is a Manslayer. Right, Battousai?"

Although he seems like the kind of man who like solitude, he actually has a wife named Tokio. Misao and Kenshin picture her as a godess because no one else would dare be his wife.

Here's a doujinshi on both Kenshin and Saitou. Not done by me.
RK doujinshi

Saitou doujinshi pics

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