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Saturday, April 29, 2006


This one's for you Neko-chan! kno u love kyo-kun!

Oh and here's her site
Neko_chan's site

A Sanzo AMV!
sorry but to listen to this one you'll have to click on it.Gomen ne and thank you redvixen for letting me know.(That's strange it was working before)

I really havn't watched much of Samurai Champloo, just one episode so far(the first)and the video game, Sidetracked. But the fighting the the first episode was awesome!

HunterxHunter's alright but I really LOVE the opening

Oh and I really don't own most of the stuff posted on my site and the credit's there on the pics and blogs and stuff.
If you find anything of yours e-mail me and i'll give u the credit or take it off.

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