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WASSUP!!my name does not refer to kenshin for those of you wondering...it is supposed to be for Saitou cuz he's so cool!!Well i really love anime (otherwise i wouldn't be posting this)

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Interview with Sanzo
Here's my xanga if anyone's interested. It features Vincent Valentine from FFX VII. Click the link below...The layout is NOT made by me...i found it


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Feel free to write a message. Have a little convo!^.^But read the rules first!
2.Only creative stuff to say goes here nothing stupid like your site sucks!I will report those who do this.

okay this is like a little crazy sort of fanfic.-.- weird I know but please read and comment. I also advise you to keep returning to my site if you're interested in my stories cuz I'll keep updating!Also I'd like to say that I own none of these characters(except me). All characters belong to their rightfull owners!

^Interview with Sanzo^
Hey there!Today we have a special guest!!Please put your hands together for our favourite grumpy old monk!*everyone claps while Sanzo walks in*

me:So Mr.Sanzo.How does it feel everyday kicking demon butt?

Sanzo:it's a pain and so are you

me:*ahem* i'll pretend I didn't hear that...next question. So how do you feel about your friends?


me: yes, your friends, you know, Hakkai, Goku, and Gojyo?

Sanzo: OH!them...they're not my friends their my slaves.

me:*quirks my eyebrows*okayyyy...someone's got issues.

sanzo: you better as hell not be talking about me!

me: yeah! What if I am!!Huh!What you gonna do?

Sanzo: *gets off chair*

me:*thinks I wish i never said that*gomen ne baldy!

Sanzo:*pulls out gun*

me:SECURITY!!!*men in black come and drag yelling sanzo away...far away..*

Sanzo: Get your hand off me..*beeep**beeep* you *beeep!!!

me:okay...next time join us for another guest star, Saitou!tata for now!!

*sanzo's shouts can still be heard*

^Interview with Saitou^

me:Today I'm proud to present an honourable man, Saitou Hajime!*crowd is silent as Saitou walks in*

Saitou:*pulls out cigarette*Where the hell am I.*looks to me* Who the hell are you?

me:I am the most popular t.v star who interviews anime ppl!

Saitou:My wife said she had a surprise for me.This better not be some sort of a trick.

me:oh take a seat Saitou, it's only a t.v show

Saitou:Wha...what's t.v?

me:*wonders how he got here in the first place*O.o...So Mr.Saitou,*read off paper* what does your motto Aku.Soku.Jan mean?

Saitou:It's Aku.Soku.Zan you moron.Get it right.*I'm outta here.*walks off stage*

me:*grabs his arm*NO!!YOU MUST STAY!!
*Saitou flings me off and leaves*
me:*sniff**suddenly gets angry*COME BACK HERE WOLF OF MIBU!
*chases Saitou into parking lot*

man in crowd:soo...who wants to get a pizza?

crowd:ME! I DO!!Lets's go!!
*everyone rushes away*

^interview with Sanzo-ikkou^
Love Is Sarting
me:*huff huff*After chasing Saitou around I STILL HAVE TO INTERVIEW PEOPLE!!

director:well..i'm sorry but we have to> We already promised the Sanzo-ikkou.

me:*heart eyes* never mind I'll do it!!


me:welcome to the show where you get to meet all of your fav anime characters!Today we have three!!Put your hands together for Goku, Hakkai and Gojyo!!*crowd goes wild*

Goku:wow this place is awesome!Where's the food I was promised?*goku looking around while sitting down*

Gojyo:*goes up to me*my my what do we have here?

Hakkai:now now Gojyo we're her guest, be nice...

Gojyo:oh I will!*puts arm around me*


Sanzo:*comes outta nowhere with gun and starts shooting*HANDS OFF!!!!

Gojyo:oh..she's you're woman, I see how it is.Jealous mmm?

Goku:WOW!!Sanzo I didn't know you had a girlfriend..

me:I'm NOT his girlfriend and how the hell did you get out of jail?

Sanzo:I'm a Genjo priest what do you think?

me:Oh a smart***.Morons like you should be kept locked up!

Sanzo:*pulls out gun again*Care to repeat that?

Hakkai:Now, now look at you two!You guys look like an old married couple..

Sanzo&me:WHAT!!!*we attack Hakkai*


Goku:hey gojyo let's go..I'm hungry!

Gojyo:For once I agree with you monkey.Let's leave loverboy alone Hakkai...

Hakkai:*Has a bunch of bruises*o...k...

*Goku,Gojyo, and Hakkai leave*

Sanzo:soo..do you wanna get something to drink?

me:*blushes*umm...excuse me?

Sanzo:I SAID..do you wanna get a drink!!Are you deaf?!!*also blushing*

me:*starts laughing*alright. just so you'll stop shooting holes into my studio..

Sanzo:hmpp...woman...*Sanzo and I both leave*

^In a coffee shop^

me:*sips on drink*Thank you sooo much Sanzo but I really think I've alreadt taken enough time off work. The director will be pissed!

Sanzo:Fine...whatever..but don't think that you're going to be doing those interviews one your own!

me:huh?What are you talking about?

Sanzo:I MEAN that I'm not leaving you alone with all those weirdo's like Gojyo. Creeps like him should be the one's locked up!

*Sanzo and me have no idea that Gojyo, along with Hakkai and Goku are in the booth behind them and are listening to every word*

Gojyo: Who's he calling a creep?Just because women like me and all..


Hakkai:now now..*muffling laughs*be nice to each other.

me:actually I think that Gojyo's quit the gentlemen.



Sanzo:Hmmp...he's just a moron

me:*thinking he is jealous*And the one with those green eyes, Now he was handsome!

Sanzo:More like a pansy

Hakkai:well now...

me:*He IS jealous..this is gonna be fun*And that cute adormable boy!

Sanzo:*stomps up*He's nothing but a pain in the butt!Now move it we're headin back!

me:mmm..oh and what did you meen you weren't going to leave me alone on the job?

Sanzo:*pulls out gun*It's just as it sounds

*we both walk out*

Goku:Did you hear that!She called me cute

Gojyo:come one monkey and pretty boy, we have some spying to do!

^Interview with Jinn, Mugen and Fuu^

me:Well!Sorry for my recent running off stage and things.I also have a new bodygaurd that's on stage at all times, Mr.Sanzo.*Sanzo standing right behind me with gun in hand*well today we have three of my fave's!!say hello Jinn, Mugen and Fuu!

Jinn:..where am I?...explain...

Mugen:Hey, I don't care where we are as long as there's something in it for me!

Fuu:Oh stop being so impolite!No wonder you two are always on trouble!

Me:well you get money!*pulls out bills and coins*

Jinn:*takes money and examines it*It's Japanese but...I'm unfamiliar with it.

Fuu*Takes money from Jinn*Where can we use it?

Mugen:*Forcefully takes money from Fuu*If it's useless then let's get rid of it!*cuts all the money into pieces*


*Jinn and Fuu walk away bewildered*

Jinn:Come Fuu

Fuu:okay*follows Jinn off stage*

Mugen:No way!What if I don't wanna!?

Sanzo:*Takes out gun and starts shooting*You will other wise you'll have some holes in places where you don't want them!

*sanzo and mugen start fighting and finally Jinn comes back in to drag Morgen away*

Mugen:HEYY!!*all of them leave*

me:wel..*ahem*join me again next time for another fun filled episode!*thinks how come I can never have a normal interview?*

me:welcome back, today, for once, I think we'll have a NORMAL interview 'cause we have guest Sakura and her gaurdian Kero!

*Sakura and Kero walk in mind u Kero's in his teddy bear form*

Sakura:Hey Everyone!*waves to crowd*

Kero:Before we start I have to thank Clow for making us and my master Sakura for giving me a chance to serve her and...*goes on and on*

Sanzo:*twitches*since when did this place become a babysitting place?!!

me:awww but look at the costume she's wearing!

Sakura:oh this?Tomoyo made it for me!

me:really?could she possibly make me one?*Sakura and me go into private conversation while Kero keeps talking to crowd about himself and video games*

Sanzo:I can't take anymore!are you two here for and interview or not!!

me:*ahem* so you even get jealous when I talk to my interviewers.mmm??

Sanzo:I don not!!*blushes*

*sanzo and me fight*

Sakura:well this is unexpected

kero:always prepare for the unexpected Sakura.These two appear to be lovers!

*laughter is heard from behind stage*

Sanzo:Alright!Who's behind there!*shoot bullets everywhere so backstage frame falls down revealing Hakkai, Gojyo, and Goku running away*Damn stupid slaves...*mutters more stuff*

me:*sigh* sorry Sakura but I guess we'll have to cut this one short. Hope to see you again soon!

Sakura:Yeah!Bye!*Sakura and Kero walk off stage*

Sanzo:COME BACK HERE!!*chases Hakkai,Gojyo and Goku*

me:8sigh*what am I going to do with you?

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Saitou vs Kenshin

Adorable family pic!!

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Monday, May 1, 2006

Saiyuki fav shots
Beautiful shots of the gang
cut group pic

The "bad guys"Cute though

background from www.kaioysei.net

Okay things are really crazy!I'm super busy and I really want to add more to my interview!Guess it'll have to wait.I wonder if anyone really reads it or just see's what everyone else wrote and posts comments just like them.??Oh Well I hope you people out there are really enjoying it.I know I post a lot of stuff but I can't help it!It is supposed to be a tribute to all great anime. There's just too many anime I like!Here's some pics of some anime I've watched and found great!or just plain kawaii!No particular order.


Cowboy Bebop

Fruits Basket(recommended by a certain someone*ahem* that's you n3ko-chan)I ended up liking it for Hatori-kun!

Samurai Deeper Kyo

Of Course Kenshin!My number ONE anime!Scroll up to look at more pics.Saitou's the coolest anime character ever created!


Cardcaptors Sakura

Tsubasa(Same characters as CS, different story)Fai's my fav in this one

Samurai Champloo
Look at Jin's peace sign!CUTE!!

Peacemaker Kurogane

My number TWO anime. Just cuz I like all the main characters and it's hard that many likeable characters in one series.(ex:SANZO!!)



Full Metal Alchemist

That's about it for now!

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A tribute to Saitou

Even though it's Tidus in here I'm gonna give you guys a little info on Saitou Hajime cuz he's one of my fav RK characters.

Nicknames:Wolf of Mibu,Narrow eyes, Goro Fujita.

Saitou is one of the most bad*** characters around. He's so kool!maybe a bit scary..but kool.

Okay, here we go. Saitou used to be leader of the third squad of the Shinsengumi until the war ended. Then, he became a police man for the Meiji government under the identity of Goro Fujita. Some of the Shinsengumi may think he's betraying them but no, Saitou actually infact is still carrying out his Aku.Soku.Zan(evil must be eradicated). That was the law of the Shinsengumi.
He's got quite a number of attacks such as the Gatotstu. It has three forms. The Shinsengumi were famous for practicing their attacks to perfection.

"There are few people brave enough to give their life to defend their honor and dignity as a human being. To just survive, like an animal, you don't need honor and dignity." -Hajime Saitou

"If you're planning on running, there is somewhere to hide that's even safer than Shanghai.It's called Hell."

"You tame a dog with food. You tame a man with money. But there is nothing that can tame a wolf of Mibu."

"A Wolf is a Wolf. A Shinsengumi is a Shinsengumi. Just as a Manslayer is a Manslayer. Right, Battousai?"

Although he seems like the kind of man who like solitude, he actually has a wife named Tokio. Misao and Kenshin picture her as a godess because no one else would dare be his wife.

Here's a doujinshi on both Kenshin and Saitou. Not done by me.
RK doujinshi

Saitou doujinshi pics

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Saturday, April 29, 2006


This one's for you Neko-chan! kno u love kyo-kun!

Oh and here's her site
Neko_chan's site

A Sanzo AMV!
sorry but to listen to this one you'll have to click on it.Gomen ne and thank you redvixen for letting me know.(That's strange it was working before)

I really havn't watched much of Samurai Champloo, just one episode so far(the first)and the video game, Sidetracked. But the fighting the the first episode was awesome!

HunterxHunter's alright but I really LOVE the opening

Oh and I really don't own most of the stuff posted on my site and the credit's there on the pics and blogs and stuff.
If you find anything of yours e-mail me and i'll give u the credit or take it off.

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