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Monday, December 6, 2004

Woot!! ^^ I'm so happy!!...for some reason O.o; XD Lol, most of it is that I'm hyper that the Christmas concert is tomorrow night! -dances- And my dad's gonna be there! ~FINALLY!~ lol, he hadn't been able to go to any of the marching band games because he was working T.T, but at least he'll get to see me in my band uniform!! -dances more- woot!! ^^; Oy, well...I'm eating goldfish right now, (no, not the real kind, the cracker kind lol, a friend thought I was eating real goldfish XD, it was funny ^^) and they taste good!! Oh yeah!! My brother's coming to my concert too!! ^____^ I ish happy!! Well, a bunch of people are coming to my concert, and hopefully my friend Erika will be able to come!! ^^ Well guys, I have to go do some stuff, but wish me luck tomorrow okay?! ^^ Thanks if you did!! -hugs everyone- I leave you with a pic of me, which hopefully will show up!! ^^;; I was at wal-mart...XD Welp, byes everyone!! -waves- Byes!! ^^
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