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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday, July 26th, 2006

*gasp* It's already Thursday?! Darn and I said I was going to update on Monday... hahaha I kinda lied. >_> I didn't visit anyone, so I felt kinda bad, so I didn't update until I was able to visit majority of you. Sorry if I didn't visit some of you guys. >_< I was having computer problems... gah.

Well I would've told you guys what I did for the remaining of my vacation in California and such... buuuuut, I would forget to mention something and I'm a bit too lazy to tell a story. Hahaha, little ol' me. XD But I'm back home with my great wireless back. *hugs it*

Marching Band

Ah school hasn't started yet, but marching band practice has. *sigh* And I just returned from California too... Even though I get to see my friends, it's not fun marching and reviewing all the stuff we did last year.
Started yesterday... it was a pretty fast day I suppose. Well I'm going to go to an orthodontist appointment. So I don't have to go to part of tomorrow's class of band. Yay! I'd rather do that, instead of band.

Well I think that's all for today. Too lazy to type. I'm just watching Ouran High School Host Club eppies. And my cousin showed me how to save YouTube stuff into my computer... so I'm downloading Il Mare right now... so I can watch it for later. And I have He was Cool to watch too.
I hope I can visit today. All depends. Take care. Later =]

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