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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Well, I'm back in California.
Over in the east side of the country... it's really green. Very beautiful scenery. XD Ah well, we weren't able to go to New York City, but I didn't mind. There's always next time. Not much has been happening during my trip. Well, unfortunatley, I wasn't able to meet up with Vicky the first day I went to DC... so we were hoping to meet the next day. When I called her Saturday, her cousin picked up saying that Vicks was in the hospital. It was her stomach again... people who knows her knows what I'm talking about. I'm really hoping she'll be okay soon. >_<

Well, out of all the places we went, the one I found most interesting was the National Geographics museum. Very interesting. I was hoping to buy a souvenir, but my twin ended up collecting these information cards about certain things for free. XD She ended up collecting 47 cards. Pretty thick stack.
And the place I found most fun was the paddling boat place. Those boat like things were you paddle to row the boat. So fun. lol. My twin and I shared a boat. My dad and three kids shared a boat. The rest of the people that we went with didn't go. My dad didn't want to go, but he had to for a reason I am still unaware of.

Well on Sunday, we didn't go to D.C, so we didn't do much. We went back to my late aunt's grave to give our respect before we go back to California. My parents went out to buy pink carnations, cherries, and incense to pray for her.
And after that, went back to the place we were staying at... and just did things. Went on the laptop and all. XD
Then we left for California early Monday.


So during my five days of being there in the east coast, I has some entertainment. I finally got the 3rd and 5th volume of Death Note. I already had the 4th and 6th volume... and of course I couldn't go and read them without the 3rd and 5th. Already finished with all 6 volumes during the airplane flight back to California. *sigh* Now I have to wait for two months for the next to come out... XD
Oh yeah! I remember some of you wanted to know what it was about... so here's a summary that I took off of the manga.
"The human whose name is written in this note shall die" ...Light Yagami, a straight "A" high school honor high school student, picks up the "death note" dropped by the shinigami Ryuk into the human world. Half disbelieving, Light uses the notebook, only to see the people whose names he has written drop dead! Initially horrified by the notebook's powers, Light eventually decides to use the death note to purge the world of violent criminals and create an ideal society. Meanwhile, as criminals worldwide start dying mysteriously, the enigmatic L,a secretive genius who specializes in solving unsolved cases, enters the picture He uses a TV broadcast to announuce he will catch whoever is responisble, setting off an almighty battle of the wits between Light and himself...

Oh I watched Ouran High School Host Club episode 14 on YouTube. Entertaining indeed. =P Now waiting for the 15th.

Well, most of the time Tracy and I were on the laptop, we were looking for Kdramas/movies and Jdramas/movies. Found several interesting ones... yay.
We watched one Kmovie. Our first one too... lol. A Millionaire's First Love is what it's called. Tracy's idea. Such a tragic movie... but it was a good movie. Kinda confusing though. Especially on how they met in the beginning. I thought I got it, until they said something that didn't fit in. -_-
Another Kmovie we found was He was Cool. We haven't watched it yet, but when we find some better wireless, we'll try to download all the parts. If that doesn't work for some reason, I found the movie on YouTube, so we'll be watching from there if we have to.
Finally found a place to watch Il Mare aka Lake House. But I have to get good internet connection.... *sigh*
Some other dramas/movies we want to watch are Forbidden Love aka Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox(kdrama), Smile Again(kdrama), Now and Forever(kmovie), Hanoi Bride(kdrama), April Snow(kmovie), Kurosagi(jdrama), and Shinobi(jmovie).
Does anyone know how to work with .srt files...? I don't get how those things work... >_<

Right now, my twin and I are trying to find this certain Kmovie... but I'm not sure what it's titled, and who's in it. XD Well, before we left for D.C, Tracy and I were watching this Korean channel because there was this interview with Lee Joon Ki and Lee Moon Shik. They were talking about their new movie, Fly Daddy Fly, which will be coming out August 2006 in Korea. I find it really interesting. I want to watch it. XD
Well, anyway... after that interview, they showed another movie interview. That movie seems sooo interesting, but I can't find anything on about it. I couldn't understand Korean, so there was no way for me to find out about anything... all I can do is wait until the movie comes out in Korea. =| The main guy looks pretty hot too. =P
The only way I knew about Fly Daddy Fly was because I knew who Lee Joon Ki was... XD


Changed my song again. Called Animal I Have Become. Last week for this layout. I'm changing to a new layout next week... then after next week, I'll be changing it again. Yay. lol.
Well, this post is getting way too long. There's other stuff that I want to tell you guys but I'll save that for later. =P I have to go visit now... I've been a bad friend. XD
Take care everyone. Later =]

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