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Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday, July 14th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
How's it going? Well just decided to do a quick update on my trip.

Well today, we went to my late aunt's grave. It was my first time being there. And my first time ever meeting her. If that's how you want to put it. Well, she passed away before I was even borned. In the late 70s. And also my mom. My late aunt is my mom's late sister. Such a long story about my aunt. But my dear mommy cried after a few minutes kneeling down on the floor to see her marker. Part of her name was covered, and she did an unbelievable thing. She actually yank out the grass and cleaned up the dirt. And she's a clean freak. I found it very touching, really. *sigh*
Later on, went up to meet one of my friends here. She is one crazy gal. Haha, some of my friends on MSN was able to talk to her. =P I hope she wasn't making them feeling uncomfortable. XD She's so weird. Hahaha.

Today, I'm going to D.C and to the museum. Not sure... lol. But guess what? There's a chance I'll be able to meet Vicky!! Eeee! I'm so excited. I'll be needing to give her a call in the morning to tell her where I'll be heading. ^^ Very excited. lol.

Well that'll be all today. Take care everyone. And I updated most of the early updaters. =P Later =]

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