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Friday, July 7, 2006

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Haven't updated in awhile... well to me. But, I'm back! =D
Nothing much has been happening for the past few days. And I would tell you guys about what I did over in Las Vegas, but I'm too lazy, and I doubt you want to hear about it. Haha, but decide Las Vegas, I did go to the Hoover Dam, and dude, it felt like I was in a 120 degrees oven. Wait, it was 120 degrees. XD But I wasn't in an oven though. Fortunatley. =D


Since Wednesday wasn't that much of an importance, I guess I can skip to Thursday. ^^ Well, woke up around 8:58 AM, and got yelled by my aunt for waking up "too late", since my parents went off to their own little vacation somewhere. I didn't want to go, so my parents let me stay with my relatives in California. My aunt is cool and all, but she's really picky. At least she admits she is. Haha. Since my aunt is repainting her whole house, my cousin took me to the mall and dropped me and Tracy over there. We did pretty much nothing except walk around the mall and window shopping for... 4 hours, maybe? I didn't feel like buying clothes, even though it is a mall, but I just didn't feel like it. But we did go buy something. Mangas! Oh and food too. XD I decided to collect the manga, Death Note. Really interesting manga. And they were having a deal with buy 3, get 4th free sort of deal for only Viz Media mangas. So thats why we got we decided to collect. Oh, and also because I found it really interesting. I could've just sat there and read all that. But, I couldn't because they were missing the 3rd book. And I also can't stand sitting/standing and read a manga, actually any type of book. I just don't have the patience to do that. I have patience, trust me, but I can't read through a book in a book store full of free time. Maybe because it's part of feeling of guilt. *shrugs*
Well after that I went to the food court and met up with my cousin and my aunt. And I had some nice Mongolian food. Yummm. It was good, but it was time to go, and I couldn't finish it. =| My aunt said I would get fat. Haha, yeah right. Maybe later though. I'm not excercising too much nowadays... XD


I finally found my padawan! Whoo! Guess who it is? It's AnimeFantasy! Oh wait, she's my twin. Heh, my padawan is my own twin sis. Fun. XD But yeah it's all cool. Of course we agreed. I'm kinda glad she's my padawan, because if I had another one, then I would have to give help to him/her and my twin. Trust me, not really fun. She gives me a lot of stress already. =P Right now I have to make her new layout and all, and it's kinda complicated how she wants it. But... I'm making her learn it later. =D
Wanna be a padawan or a master? Click on the banner with the Mentoring Group. Or the one with Rurouni Kenshin on it. But if you're not sure what it is... you can click on the banner for more information. ^^

Oh and don't forget to join Jigglyness' contest. Click on the first banner for more information, or to join. Thanks =D Of course I'm not making you... not unless Sara makes me make you guys. Hahaha.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Yes! It's finally out! And I'm going to watch it today! W00T! I can't wait. It's gonna rock. I can't wait. I'm already excited for the third one to come out. XD

Well that's all for today. I hope I didn't forget to tell you guys anything... Well, I don't know if I have time to visit. Hope you guys have a great day! Take care everyone. Later =]

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