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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Saturday, June 30th, 2006

Hey guys.
This is just a real quick update of the upcoming stuff going on in MyO... well not really. XD
It's Saturday... right? I totally lost what day it is. Hahahaa.......

My dear friend, Jigglyness is holding a contest and needs more people to join. So... please join. =P

Click on the banner for more information.

Oh yeah, and the deadlines are::
Siggy/Banner:: July 9th
Avatar:: July 9th
Theme/Layout:: July 16th


Mentoring group is open for anyone... so if you need help or want to give help, please join. We need more padawans. Don't be shy you guys! XD

Once again, click on the banner for more information.


I'm a staff of ArtificialKisses which is founded by Sw33tz.

Great site if you need help on layouts:: graphics and HTMLing. If you want to become a staff or make a request, click on the word Artificial Kisses word, since my link color are hard to distinguish from my regular font.


Well that's all for the update... I hope. I was lucky to get some internet right now, so I'll be absent once again. And so sorry that I can't go to sites... >_< That's why, I'm turning off my comments for now. ^^

Oh and I'll be making a new RFP banner... *points down to Haku banner* Yay, it's my new obsessive anime character. XD I'm not telling right now... because I don't feel like it. Heh.

Take care all! Later =]

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