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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Well I'm at a hotel right now in the city of... *looks around* Not sure. *shrugs* I think it's somewhere near El Paso, TX. But we have about 10 more hours to go until Las Vegas. Yay. Road trips takes forever, but I find it a bit more fun than planes. =P


Four of our guests left early that morning. I didn't get to see them off because I was still sleeping. Not that I really care... XD Well five of our guests were still over, so I had to be dragged along with them. We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. Yum. ^^ Then we went to an old friend's salon place. And there I got a haircut. =D Finally, it was getting way too long. Well we went home, and they wanted to go to an outlet mall. Being the lazy person we are, my sister and I decided to stay home. XD And that's when I was able to get my visiting done. And when I was finished, chatted with some friends while I was watching Autumn in my Heart, a KDrama I started to watch. =D I only got to episode 3 though, because then my parents and the guests arrived back and we had to go out and eat.
Well after we went out to eat, all the adults wanted to go to a club. o_O What about us 15 year old girls? Well that club allowed our age or something like that. I seriously didn't wanted to go... but I had to. We went into this Vietnamese club place a few places down the restaurant. And good lord, first thing I see are people smoking. T_T I'm going to suffer in there. Well, people started to go up there and sing. Of course they were all vietnamese songs. =P And thank goodness most of them were not those tragic love songs. That's what a lot of Viet songs are nowadays. They played some tunes too... and I could've sworn they played a small piece of something from Winter Sonata. *shrugs* Finally, after all the loud singing, I ended with a small headache, but it went away a little while after... and everyone decided to go home.
Gosh, my hair stunk so bad... all that smoking people did. >_> I had to go home and take another shower.

We had to finish packing for Monday, which we start our road trip!


The five guests left early that morning.
Around 8:00 AM, we left the house.
We got to eat McDonald breakfast. Deliciously unhealthy. XP And for lunch we had McDonald too. Hahaha. Well during our road trip, of course we all get bored and have to do something. I was finally able to pick and read my Angels and Demons book. XD I only was able to read up to 200 pages for the past few weeks due to summer school and myself being ungrounded. XD If I was still grounded, I already finish that book. Haha, I spend too much time on the computer. I got a good 300 page reading done during the 10 hour trip to where we are. XD Yes less than 200 pages more to go. :D
When it got too late to read, I got on the laptop and did some things. Tracy and I were able to catch up with Bleach. Yay.
Then we went out to eat dinner, and here I am right now in the hotel. And thus, this ends my post. Well, almost. XD

Birthday Shoutouts

Well I missed my dear Tiff's birthday yesterday. So Happy Birthday Tiff!
And then I'll be missing another friend's birthday on Wednesday. So Happy early Birthday, Animegirl501!

Thus, this ends my post. XD And I'm sorry, I won't be able to visit anyone. Sorry if this post is too long for you to read. Take care now. Later =]

P.S. My twin, Tracy says hello to everyone. XD

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