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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Heyo everyone!
It's the first of June! I almost forgot to updated. Teehee. XP But its not summer yet... Summer starts on the 24th. Well I think its the 24th... well its somewhere around that.
Well, my mom came home with more Korean dramas! Whee! Right now we're watching Stairway to Heaven. I'm not sure if it's well known. But anyways... pretty good. Agh, I want to really murder these two people in there. The stepmother and the stepdaughter. Hahaha, there's always something wrong the stepmother and stepdaughter(s) in a story huh?

I'm playing Tales of Symphonia for the hundrenth time on my GameCube. Haha, I can never get tired of that game...
I might be having a new theme change soon... maybe in two weeks or so. I decided to keep this one a biiiit longer. ^^

Egh, I might not be able to visit a lot today... because I'm feeling lazy and I need to go out and buy my friend a present for her birthday coming up! Well take care and have a great June 1st! Later =]

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