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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Heyo everyone!!
I'm back!!!! YESSS. School's OUT! lmao. Well I think I can get on more often. Not too sure. So I think I'm ungrounded... hahaaa. But meh no idea. But well I'll tell ya why I got grounded. Its because I stayed up too late one night on a school night. Meh, its kinda stupid, buut whatever.

But anyways, a quick update. I'll tell more whats been going on later. ^^ Just came to inform you guys that I changed my new layout! Heh, I'm in a Korean stage. XP Ever since my mom got the Winter Sonata episodes... I just started getting into a lot of Korean stuff. XP And currently I obsessed with Full House starring the Korean singer/actor, Bi/Rain.

But anyways, my layout features Lee Min Woo or you can call him, M. Haha he has such a baby's face.
Well... hope you guys like the new layout. Take care now! Later!

P.S. I think I'm only able to visit some people.... so sorry to the ones I didn't get ot visit.

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