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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sunday, May 7, 2006

It's been... quite awhile. But right now I'm on my Band/Orchestra Spring Trip!! SCORE. We get to skip two school days, and they aren't counted as abscence. Haha. My dad let me bring my laptop. Yay, but I finally got an ethernet cord to connect my laptop to the internet thingy.

So anyways... much happened. Going to the beach a lot and such. Its so beautiful. Yup. Nothing really important happened over the two days we spent over here. And I don't feel like telling either. >_< Way too lazy and tired. Gaaahhh.

Well I was gonna put in my May layout, but since a lot of you guys like it, I'll keep it. Yay. Teehee.
Ah I hope I can visit most of you guys tonight. Its late... not really, buuuut you get the point. I won't be sleeping until... late. Ah tomorrow will be a totally free day, so most likely, I will hanging out in the beach, or wherever outside, and looking at hot guys. lmao... just kidding, there isn't any. Really sucks. Hahahaa. XD Friday, we got here... Saturday, we went to our band/orchestra contest, and all of the bands in our school got a prize. Yeah orchestra did too. Hahaa.

Right now, me and my roomies are watching A Walk to Remember. One of my friends hasn't seen it, so we're all rewatching it with Lily. <--the girl who hasn't watched it.

Uhh hope I didn't forget anything. But I really hope I get to visit you guys. I haven't done it in... 3000 years. lmao. Well take care all!! Later =]

Oh. And I'm still grounded. Hahaa, but I think you got that. lmao.

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