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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday, April 23

Heyo everyone! Remember me...? Its the girl who's been grounded and hasn't been a good friend in visiting anyone. XP
Ah still grounded. But parents aren't home right now. And I'm doing a project. Whee! So decided to stop by in MyO.
But just came to update to say I changed my layout. I made this quite a LONG time ago. About a few months maybe...? And I finally decided to use it. ^^ Yay. I personally like this one. Its so pretty. Teehee. Its my old style! YAY! lol.

I've been a bad friend... I only visited once on all my grounded days. >_< And I gave stupid comments too. That is simply stupid. So please forgive me...?

I don't think I can visit anyone today either... unless you update the time I did. Or something like that. So take care and I am once again deeply sorry. Later! =[ <-- yes its a sad face. >_<

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