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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Glad you guys like the new layout! ^^ Yes, isn't Tohru and Kyou a lovely couple...? XD Haha.

Well, did nothing yesterday. I actually got to everyone yesterday night!! YAY! I was so happy, because I haven't done that in ages. lol.
Haha yesterday was April Fool's Day (of course). I didn't trick anyone yesterday, didn't feel like it. Haha, I'm not very active in those sort of stuff.
I had a few people who tried to trick over the internet... and two of them actually scared me. Dany's and Hinaru's. Dany almost scared the heck out of me. XD But yup... hope you guys had a nice April Fool's Day! ^^ Haha.
Also just chatted with Vicky almost pretty much the whole day... didn't do anything besides that. Haha.

Um, so today, I might not be able to comment you guys since I have a project I need to finish up and also some homework too. >_> What fun... heh.
So have a great day, and take care. Later =]

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