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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Saturday, April's Fool of 2006

Heyo everyone!
Happy April Fool's Day everyone! Yeah I'm not gonna try to fool anyone over the internet... its too hard. lmao. XD
I had a long week... very long indeed. >_< But I survived! Yay! Heh. Nothing much happened during the week... just pretty much Friday is what was most eventful. XP

New Layout

Yup. New layout. Sorry I didn't warn you guys before hand... never have the effing time to do so.
Hope you guys like it... and hope its not too surprising for those Fruits Basket fans... just a little something I found. And don't hate me for the layout I put. I really love this picture, so I decide to use it. I'm not so fond of Tohru and Kyou... but I don't really care. XD The only couple in Fruits Basket that I fully love is Hatori & Kana. ;__; So sad what happened, but yeah continuing... I got this image off of the wallpaper that was made by ayaki@MT. She's a very talented graphic designer. ^^ She cleaned up the image that she found of those two and colored them and what so. Very lovely. ^^
I added in some extra brushes... though you can barely tell. XP But I still hope you guys enjoy the layout. It's pretty nice. ^^
I wanted to try this javascript... and it did work, but only for IE. In Mozilla, it just went funky and messed everything up, so I got upset, and went to plan B which is the invisible scrollbar thing. Only IE users can see it, so Mozilla users still have scrollbars. But yeah I don't care. Haha.

And I'm back with MyOtaku comments! Since the month March is over, I'm back with regular comments. ^^ Yay. lol. I was starting to miss MyOtaku comments. XD


Well nothing much happened during school hours. In Biology it was pretty fun. We got to see animals. ^^ They're so cute. There was this one snake who had a sunburn on his belly. It was so sad. It was all because of this teacher's fault. Darn him. He made the snake get a sunburn... even though the teacher didn't attentionally tried to hurt him. >_< And I like the tortoises. They were cute. Hehe. My Biology couldn't stand seeing animals in cages... so he wanted us to look at them real quick so he could give it back to a teacher that doesn't mind. Haha, even though he's gay and really weird at times, he's still a sweet teacher. lol.

After school, we had a "festival" for band that my director signed us up for. It sure was a "festival". There was barely anything festive about the "festival". lmao. But yeah we played our concert music, which we did pretty well. So far, the best. ^^ Then we went into sightreading (if you don't know what that means... well its something that has to do with playing music XD too lazy to explain) and man it ended in one word: DISASTER. Our director went so slow in things, she didn't get to explain the whole piece, and the ending is where we needed the most. AGH! It was horrible. Yup. End of story. So horrible.


Well pretty much I will be doing nothing besides homework. And other multi-tasking stuff. That'll be fun. Haha.
And I hope I can visit you guys... haven't visited most of you guys in like forever. But if I can't make it, I once again apologize.

So sorry for such a long post... but I hope you didn't suffer reading through the whole thing.
Take care now! Later =]

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