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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Heyo everyone.
Well hectic week last week. It was going nuts with all that homework crap. Keesh really gay. XD But anyways... I was able to visit pretty much everyone who updated! I might've accidently skipped some people... I usually always do that... >_< Real pain.


So... did nothing really except school, but after school, we had Pre-UIL for band. We sucked a$$. Haha, trumpets were the worse. o_O I never heard them play so horrible in my life. XD Ah oh well, I don't really care... it was only a practice UIL anyways. Heh.
But man, I had to do so much on that day... I had to finish a lot of stuff. Really stressing. Gah! But it went all well. Haha. XD

Friday & Saturday

Nothing interesting happened during Tueday to Thursday... I think. XD There might have been something, but its not coming to me... so I'll not mention anything. heh. ^^'
But Friday is pretty much the best day of the week. Haha, school was a bummer. Had two tests. Gah... biology and spanish III tests. Two of my hardest subjects. XD Well two that I worry most. I usually do fine on biology, but I always worry on tests. And spanish... I just suck. Haha. But they came out pretty easy, but then kinda hard at the same time. Some of the questions in the biology test did not seem to make sense later on... because me and all of our friends discussed and so it seemed like it was hard. XD Don't know if ya get it... but yeah. Haha. But I just hope I did well on them. And I'm having an oral test for Spanish III coming up soon. Crap...

Well after school, me and my friends planned to go the movies. We had my twin, Tracy, Julie, and little sister, Michelle. We first went to see She's the Man. It was one of the most hilarious movies I have ever watched. Haha. I really enjoyed it... I have never ever laughed like that in a movie theatre... really never in a comedy/romance movie like that. lmao. Then... we decided to sneak into Stay Alive, which was a great idea to do. Haha, this movie rocked! I actually enjoyed this scary movie. I usually don't think that scary movies are scary, but this one was from start to finish. Haha. I actually screamed at one part, which I never do in movies. XD So whoever wants to go see it, you should definitely go see it. ^^

But sadly, during Stay Alive I had a mild headache... but it didn't get any worse till the movie was over... and we head out into the cold. >_< I even had a warm jacket on. Neh I skipped dinner too since the smell of the food wanted to make me puke. I was having a McDonald burger. Man... I was looking forward to the deliciously, unhealthy burger. XDDD So I ate a bit of french fries and went to bed. >_< Thats the reason why I updated pretty late yesterday. XD But I also had to go the doctor for my little cold on Saturday. Meh... had to wait for like two hours, or it felt like two hours, to wait till I got to see the doctor. Gah! >.< And then I finished up some homework and all. Almost finished! Yay. Haha.


Well, pretty much nothing will happen, except Yen is coming over to my house! Yay. ^^ I don't know if her twin sis, Oanh is able to come though. =| So we'll see about that.

Oh remember I was reading A Tale of Two Cities? Well I finished the book! Yay! Haha. Finally. lmao. But I really liked the ending. It was sad. ;__; The first part of the boring was boring as heck, but then after the revolution began, it actually was good. Haha. But I have to write an essay about it soon... and have a test over on the book too. I can't wait... that was sarcastic. XD

Well... this post is a bit long, so I hope you guys were able to read it all! Hahaa. And I hope I can visit you guys. I haven't been doing it very often since I've been off the internet for awhile because of school. Meh.
Ah take care now. And good night... I'm gonna get to bed. Haha. Later all =]

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