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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Heylo everyone! Oh I haven't been in MyO for awhile! xD Well I have my reasons... haha. Lots of schoolwork and all. Bleh. xD
Well, thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and the pretty cards I recieved! I had a great birthday and all... hah even my cousin who doesn't have a MyO account went in an left a comment! lmao hes such a werido. xD


As you can see.... I changed my layout! Yay! You can see its Ai, from the series, Princess Ai. I love that series... its a trilogy... so theres only three volumes in the manga. Though short, its really awesome. ^^
Hope you guys like it. A very simple layout indeed. Didn't spend too long on it... just wanted to do this layout since the last volume came out just this month or so.


Well since you guys knew my birthday was on Monday, and I did nothing on Tuesday, I'm just skipping it to Wednesday. :D
Well school was a bummer and all, but after school at 6:00 PM, I went to this Horizons Showcase. What fun. Haha it was for Biology. Had fun and all but people also came over the table to ask questions about out little presentation... hence the word, Showcase. It was fun and all answering all the questions though we had some trouble. But it was all cool. My twin, Yen, and Oanh were there too! Yay. lmao.

Thursday & Friday

Did nothing these days... did my geometry test and got a 110 on it. Yay. :) Very happy. Even though 50% of the whole geometry students failed... that meant that 50% of the students passed! lmao. Yeah not too good still.

But after that... me and my family met up with all of our relatives to celebrate my great-aunt's birthday. ^^ We went to a restaurant... but I didn't like the food. =| And I like food too. TT__TT
Well after that, we went to the Asian supermarket mall. Yay xD Not. I hate going there. So do my sister and all my cousins. We just walked everywhere and then at the end we sat down and started play charades about celebrities and jobs. Its so funny on what people we did.


Well all I'm doing today is probably homework. FUN. Haha but I don't have too much.
But I think I have time to visit you guys. I haven't done that in awhile... shame on me. >_<
But take care now! And sorry if this is a long post for you guys. Haha. Later :)

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