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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hiiiii everyone!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I didn't feel like it and I was busy too. I had to clean up the whole house for my birthday party today. xD Its just a family party... so no big deal. Teehee. My real birthday is on Monday though... which is a BIG crap because thats when I have to go back to school. GAHHH! I don't want that... ;__;
I did get to visit the majority of my whole friends list though... but I didn't get to visit everyone which was a bummer.
I was also able to watch 2 more episodes of Loveless. Yay. xD I really like how the relationship between those two (Ritsuka and Soubi) are growing. Its so cute. Haha. xD
Ah the other day, I ate GMs(Geneticallty Modified) food! Haha, it was a grapefruit that tasted like an orange. That was cooool. Haha. But it didn't taste as good as a regular orange though. xP

Well I might not be able to visit today... because of the party. Take care now and have a great weekend!! Later :)

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