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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Heylo everyone!
Gaaaahhhh, another boring day. XD
Well I didn't really do anything yesterday except did my homework, did some sketches, and some wallpaper. Haha.
Well I did download some Naruto and Bleach. Ah I was talking to Shado about hot anime guys with long hair. Teehee. And then hinaru told me to go watch Hellsing OVA on youtube. Hah, its a pretty awesome show. xD Thanks hinaru! Heh. Ah when I was done with that... I remember someone telling me that you could watch Loveless on YouTube too! xD So I did... but I was only able to watch eppie 1-3 which was pretty much over all of volume one in the manga version. Darrn. But I'll watch more later.
Well today I will be going to the orthodontist. Gahh, he better not do anything this time. Haha.
Ah I will be going now and will be watching Samurai Champloo. Teehee. Yay. Take care now. And I'll visit you guys later. Later =]

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