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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Monday, March 6, 2006

Heylo everyone!
Sorry I couldn't update any sooner. xD Oh well, majority of you are in school anyways. :P While I was visiting, I had a small headache... and as I was going down the list, the people whose sites were red made my headache go worse. >.< Man, even my site was giving me a pain. XD Ah so I stopped visiting... and I was so close of finishing. ;_;

Well yesterday I went to the doctors... gah! Just had to do a little check up... and duude, I had to take two shots! One of each arm. Even though taking the shots doesn't hurt, the after effects do. xD My left arm is hurting everytime I lift it up... haha. But after that, we went to a supermarket and I got myself Mousse Pocky to eat... yay. Hehe. Haha and I was wishing that I still should've gotten that Loveless manga.

Ah well I'm off to read A Tale of Two Cities... yeah I know sad... but I have to finish the section I was assigned to read. Take care and I'll go to your sites... hoping I won't get a headache again. xD

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