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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Monday, March 6, 2006

Hiya! xD
I actually did something besides going on the laptop all day yesterday! YAY! But because of that, I wasn't able to visit everyone... so sorry. >.< I hope you guys can forgive me. Bleh.

Well I went to the mall! Yay! Happy for that. Haha. But I didn't buy a lot since I actually forgot to bring my money... just had like... little. xD I always forget to bring the most important thing to a certain place. Such as... when I have a band concert, I usually almost forget my own effing instrument. I know, sad. xD
But I got myself a coat and went to the bookstore afterwards. Got myself Princess Ai Vol.3! Yay! I finally got the last volume to this series. I haven't began reading it yet, but yeah I'll get to it. ^^ I wanted to buy Loveless, but I didn't have any money left... but I was able to read it! Yesss, its awesome. Haha. But kinda confused about all the "fighting units" and all. ^^'
Also went to Hot Topic... me and my sister wanted to get a shirt that said, "If you can't live without me, then why aren't you dead yet?" Haha that cracked both of us. But since barely any money, no shirt. xD

Well today, not sure if I'm going to do anything interesting... but we'll just see about that. Haha. Well thanks for all the comments and downloads on my newest wallpaper! If you haven't seen it yet, just click here!
Ah I'm off to bed now. I'm actually going to bed early... well at least earlier when I went to school. Haha. xD Well take care, and I will try to visit you guys. Later :D

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