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Monday, March 6, 2006

Monday, March 6, 2006

Hey everyone!
Oh, I'm actually feeling a lot better today. Yay. Man I still didn't do anything yesterday besides stay on the laptop... wait! I watched television! xD Neh... still nothing interesting. I barely have anything to do. Haha, might as well start my homework today... pretty sad, and I'm usually a procrastinator. xP Feels kinda weird. Haha. Well yesterday, I watched FMA. Ah it was soo good. Seriously, nowadays they're making Edward look sexy. xD Because I used to not think he was that sexy... but lately he has. Haha. xD But man two more episodes left... AHH And I know what happens next episode... ;_; FREAKY show next week... I think. xD Haha. And one more episode left of Samurai Champloo. NOO! xD Oh well. I also watched the Academy Awards too. Haha, Memoirs of a Geisha won a few awards. Yeaaahh. And so did Narnia! w00t! So did Brokeback Mountains... even though I haven't watched that movie yet, I REALLY want to go see it. Haha. xD
Ah well I might go to the mall today... hopefully. I NEED something to do around here besides crap and homework!


Well like I said yesterday, I submitted a wallpaper for you guys to see. I actually made two... but I submitted my other one in my minitokyo account. Heh, but I hope you guys will enjoy this wallpaper!

Under the Starry Sky

This wallpaper features Orihime from Bleach. Well I'll use the same picture for my next theme... but its kinda sad that I spent more time on this wallpaper, than the one I'll use in my layout next month. Haha. xD But I hope you'll guys check it out and enjoy it. ^^ Comments are very much appreciate too. :D

Well, I'm pretty much off now. Take care everyone! And have an absolutely great week! ^^ Bye!

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