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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Hey everyone!
Ah I think I'm getting sick... getting down with the stupid cold. >.< Keep on coughing... keep on sneezing... sheesh thats gonna ruin my spring break neh? Hahaha. Man... what a bummer.
Well barely did anything yesterday. Just stayed on my laptop for hours... making graphics and other crud. I think I was able to visit everybody... but I didn't come to yours, I'm very sorry. -_-'

Well, I think I will be submitting a new wallie. Haven't made since like... forever. Haha. But I hope you guys will like it. ^^ Took quiiite awhile. Waaaaay much longer time to do than this layout. lmao.
Maan... my life is so boring. xD Take care everyone! Later =]

P.S. Happy Birthday to two awesome people today!! Happy Birthday to Oanh and Yen! Heh, I hope they'll have a great day today. I don't think they'll read this since one is on vacation on MyO and the other is in Arkansas... I think. xD

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