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Friday, March 3, 2006

Friday, March 3, 2006

Hey everyone!
Ah!! Spring Break is almost here! w00t! I am very happy. Haha. xD I don't really have to worry about school for a week! lol. But I think I'll get homework over the break. Phooey.
Well I took the stupid Geometry test yesterday... don't know what I have yet, so I'll just have to wait. xD That test was hard... and geometry is never hard... until now.
Oh and I got my report card yesterday, and I got distinguished. Yay =D And all my grades were pretty much over a 95, except one grade... which was a frikin 94. x]
Ah today, I have a World Geography test and a Biology quiz. Eugh... I'm pretty much ready for bio, but I'm not so sure on Wd Geography. Keh.

Oh yeah, about the other day, when I said that I did this layout pretty quick... I kinda exaggereated I guess. Haha. When i said pretty quick, it should be around 30 minutes to an hour. Usually it takes me an hour to two hours to do my graphics. xD

Now, I have to get to bed... its getting a bit too late over here. Haha. Sweet dreams everyone... or good day. x] Take care, later. =]

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