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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hey everyone!
Ah well the Chili Supper went quite well yesterday. A lot of my friends were there, so it was all good. Heard all the bands play and also heard the orchestra. ^^ And I had baked potatoe. Yumm, I love them. lol.

New Layout

As you can see... I changed my layout! Yeah! xD I took my time making this layout, because this month is my birthday month. And my twin's. Haha. Yeah duh. But this theme, I dedicate this theme to three lovely ladies. Tracy, Yen, and Oanh. Totally awesome people. ^^ But I hope you still enjoy the layout... oh and I need to do something with the font. Its hard to read... I know. Haha. Yeah.

Now... I have to go to bed and need to finish all my homework. *sigh* Gah how much I hate school.... phooey. Well take care everyone. And enjoy the rest of your weekend. ^^ And enjoy the upcoming week. Later =]

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